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  • Max's mother in law still feels that Max isn't on a routine for Luna. 
  • Lauren and Leyla are getting acclimated as roommates. 
  • Chance is doing well for himself and improving. 
  • A man brings his young daughter in and claims that she got shot in a drive by.
  • Another woman comes in after being shot.
  • Lauren and Casey deal with a lot of patientsf from the same apartment building. They all thought they were getting a homeopathic corona pandemic. It poisoned them.
  • Chance gets close to Iggy even though they technically shouldn't be friends.
  • While performing surgery, Floyd notices that the gunshot wound was close range. 
  • The neighborhood with the fake vaccination doesn't have wi-fi, so they couldn't look things up and debunk it. Max wants to get free internet to everyone.
  • Chance works at the hospital coffee shop.
  • Lauren finds out one of the patients is taking silver too. 
  • Max hits up Evan about getting broadband internet for everyone. He negotiates for at least one apartment building.
  • Helen's patient, Thomas, his cancer is back. He only has a couple of months left.
  • Alison's mother is upset that Floyd contacted social services. She says they were scared because of the BLM protestors. 
  • Max announces that he got everyone broadband, but he failed to consider that they don't have smartphones or computers. 
  • Max uses Iggy to get new computers. 
  • Iggy tries to put boundaries up when Chance thinks they're like family. Chance drinks cleaning fluid and burns his throat out after the talk.
  • Agnes interviews people for the chair position. She hires Dr. Lucille, her idol. 
  • Max proposes a New Amsterdam telecommunication portal. 
  • Dr. Lucille trashes Kapoor.
  • Mina drops out of school. She and Helen get into an argument. 
  • Luna is sleep when Max returns and Gwen tells him that it is what it is and leaves. Things have been tense between them.
  • Lauren and Leyla have a bonding moment and Leyla holds Lauren's hand.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Iggy: Is Chance OK?
Casey: They found him in the stairwell. They think he drank cleaning fluid.

It was the demonstrators, Black Lives Matter, the protestors. We were scared. We saw the news, they were burning things, beating people up, but I guess not all lives matter.

Alison's Mother