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  • Iggy and Martin are trying to be intimate with each other, but Iggy's body dysmorphia interferes with him enjoying it. 
  • They plan a party for Kapoor to celebrate him comng back
  • They're getting an influx of HIV positive patients because of the free healthcare they're offering.
  • Luna gets kicked out of daycare for biting. She's running around the hospital. 
  • Helen's niece arrives early. 
  • Agnes tells Iggy that Kapoor resigned. 
  • Kwame returns after passing out in the parking lot, and his priest tells him that he has turned his back on God because of him being with a man. 
  • Helen sees her niece with a boy and wonders who it is. She talks to Lauren about setting boundaries with her niece. 
  • Max tracks down the blood banker from the 80s and learns more about the blood ban for gay men. 
  • Iggy leavs a bunch of messages and tries to work though Kapoor leaving. He finds out from Ella that they told Kapoor he couldn't practice again because of his recovery. He feels awful about that. 
  • Max thanks to Sandra realizes that Luna misses her grandmother, so he reaches out to Georgia's mother and asks her for some help. 
  • Floyd and Lauren butt heads over how to treat their gay mormon patient who wants to suppress his sexuality for his faith.
  • Iggy is still struggling with his body issues, but makes some progress.
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Bloom: Kwame, I'm sure it's not the results you wanted, but HIV is not a death sentence anymore.
Kwame: That test is wrong!

She's teething, she's not a felon.