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  • There is no interim medical director right now so Floyd is running things in surgeries and Lauren is running the ED.
  • New Amsterdam gets flooded with a series of senior aged patients because no other hospitals would take them because of ageism.
  • Lauren realizes that there is a gonorrhea outbreak among the senior citizens.
  • Helen is checking out wedding venues, specifically a casle Her niece cant' make it so she  invites her other Serwa to come with her instead.
  • The seniors are defensive when Lauren and the others ask them about their sexual habits but people are having sex unprotected.
  • Wilder is aggravated when Floyd has them doing a bunch of surgeries that are risky and impossible on patients and it all gets overwhelming.
  • Martin gives Iggy a new sweater and talks about how well things are going between them.
  • Things are a bit awkward for Lauren and Leyla as they navigate living together again without getting into each other's way
  • Max helps a patient Vick who has dozens of doctors who give him all types of pills and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • He wants his hands to stop swelling because he's a pianist who played at Carnegie Hall.
  • Iggy treats one of the workers, Gene, who has panic attacks. He tells Gene to quit his job
  • Lauren is annoyed because no one wants to talk about sex with elders or at all and that's why they have this outbreak.
  • Floyd is realizing that the other surgeons are going along with his suggestions because he's chair even when they don't agree, and now his overly ambitious plans for doing a bunch of surgeries are backfireding.
  • Serwa finally explains why she's not enamored by the castle that was built on the backs of slavery, Helen's ancestors.
  • Max finds a solution for Vick that may help him play again.
  • Serwa talks to Helen and Helen realizes that she doesn't want a wedding at all.
  • Vick dies from a brain aneurysm.
  • paitnes are coding on tables.
  • Floyd apologizes for pushing t hings too far but everyone says they're grateful because they never would've saved so many people.
  • Floyd goes looking at the lead he got and finds his father.
  • Lauren and Leyla have sex when they get home.
  • Iggy talks to Martin and determines that Martin is the problem.
  • Helen calsl Max to tell him she's not sure he wants a wedding and he tells her they should get married the next day in New York with their friends and she agrees.
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New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

You screw over a doctor, they leave. You screw over a patient, they die. You screw over a nurse, they stay because it's not a job, it's a calling. When does someone help you? This profession that you love does not love you back.


Iggy: I think I know what you have to do to get rid of your panic attacks?
Gene: What's that?
Iggy: Quit your job.