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-After a week in L.A., Abby decides that she'd like to stay in L.A.--and, more specifically, move into the loft.

-Jess, trying to keep Abby from moving into the loft, secretly rents an apartment for Abby in another neighborhood.

-But Jess doesn't want to come out and tell Abby that she's secretly rented an apartment for her because she doesn't want her to move into the loft.

-Instead, she crafts an elaborate scheme to make Abby think moving into the new apartment is her own idea.

-Jess asks for Nick's help in keeping Abby busy while she looks at apartments, and to not tell Abby about her plan.

-Nick fails almost immediately, and spills the secret to Abby.

-An enraged Abby takes revenge by having sex with Schmidt.

-Jess--unaware of any of this--cooks dinner for Abby, Nick, and Schmidt, with the intention of tricking Abby into being interested in the apartment over the course of dinner.

-Abby reveals that Nick revealed Jess's secret.

-Jess tells Abby that she does not want her moving into the loft because she is too unstable.

-Abby moves in to Schmidt's apartment.

-Winston is too nervous about failing his police academy entrance exam to even check his scores.

-It turns out that he was right to be nervous--he failed.

-But Coach helps him build up his confidence, and he makes plans to take the exam again.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Crazy girls are kind of my 'Hurt Locker.'


Girl, I got an obligation...at a...sandwich...meeting.