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-Jess's troubled older sister, Abby (Linda Cardellini), has been arrested near San Diego.

-Jess's mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) asks Jess to bail Abby out, and put her on a plane back home to Oregon.

-Jess, reluctant to have Nick meet her sister, makes up an elaborate lie about Abby's flight and why Abby can't meet Nick.

-Jess picks Abby up from jail and brings her to the loft, where they briefly get along well--until Abby discovers a text message written by Jess about how ashamed she is of Abby.

-Abby runs off, and Jess collects her at a hotel bar.

-Nick attends a bar mitzvah as Schmidt's wingman, because Schmidt is pursuing the rabbi's daughter.

-Nick begins to believe that Jess is lying about Abby's flight because she is too ashamed of him to have him meet her sister.

-Jess drops Abby off at the airport, but has a last-second change of heart, and allows her to temporarily move into the loft.

-When Nick arrives home, Jess tells him the truth, and introduces him to Abby.

-When they are accidentally stuck on a double date with Winston and his girlfriend, Coach and Cece believe they might still have some sexual chemistry.

-However, they are unable to re-capture the passion that they felt when they made out in the past, and decide to just remain friends.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Nick: I just want to make a good impression on Jess's sister.
Schmidt: Yeah, well, I want Julia Child not to be dead, but here we find ourselves.

Sorry to interrupt--I know the morning is the most sensual time of day.

Jess's Mom