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-Jealous of Abby's close relationship with Schmidt, Jess demands to move into Nick's room so that they can live together.

-The two get on each other's nerves almost immediately.

-Jess, profoundly irritated by Nick, stays in a hotel room by herself overnight to get away from him. She enjoys it immensely, and feels very guilty about it.

-Jess runs into Winston at the hotel, and demands that he keep her presence there a secret from Nick.

-Winston tells Nick about Jess's stay at the hotel almost immediately.

-Jess and Nick realize that they love each other, but are not ready to live together, and make plans to move back into separate rooms.

-Abby, inspired by Jess's independence, leaves Schmidt and moves back home to Oregon.

-Since Schmidt sank all of his money into a storefront for Abby to use as a business, he must now move back into the loft to cust his costs--forcing Jess and Nick to stay in a single room.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Quit sorting through my trash, Coach! You're messing it all up!


What makes Abby's jewelry so interesting is that it is dangerous and can cut you