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-Feeling emasculated by Coach, Nick suggests a group camping trip over Thanksgiving.

-Nick remembers to bring almost 100 cans of beer, but no food--he insists that the gang should forage and hunt for their own food to celebrate the holiday.

-Winston and Cece both hate camping.

-Coach lets Schmidt think he is the best camper in the gang, when in reality, Coach is a former Eagle Scout and adept at wilderness survival.

-When Schmidt injures his arm and Coach reveals the depth of his camping knowledge, Schmidt is insulted that Coach lied to him.

-Nick, Coach, and Schmidt attempt to fish, but Nick can only find a fish that is already dead and rotted.

-Cece, Winston, and Jess drive to a market and just buy some vegetables, instead of foraging for them like Nick requested.

-Nick returns to camp with his rotted fish, initially delighted by all the vegetables. But when he realizes that they were all purchased at a store, rather than foraged for in the woods, he feels betrayed.

-To try to make it up to him, Jess takes a bite of Nick's rotted fish, and becomes wildly ill, hallucinating and wandering through the forest.

-She eventually falls in a hole that Nick dug earlier as a bear trap.

-Nick dives in to help her, and also becomes stuck in the hole.

-Schmidt, Coach, Winston, and Cece make a rope out of pants to carry Nick and Jess up out of the hole.

-Jess is committed to the hospital for her injuries and food poisoning. She tells Nick that she's not mad at him, and respects him as a man.

-Coach and Schmidt make tentative peace in their struggle over Cece.

-The gang then celebrate Thanksgiving with food from the hospital snack machines.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Guys, we've gone soft! With our antibiotics and our sports creams!


Schmidt: Camping?
Winston: Like we're animals?!