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-Coach takes Cece out on a date.

-Though she is initially put off by his bluster, she succumbs to his charms once he is more honest with her.

-Schmidt is tortured by the idea of Coach dating Cece, and becomes obsessed with ruining the date.

-Jess tries to occupy him by having him meet other girls, but when she is distracted, he slips off.

-Jess chases him down, trying to convince him to not ruin the date. Schmidt tells Jess that she must run him over to stop him.

-She initially hits him very gently with her car, but when she is very startled by a loud noise, she accidentally runs Schmidt all the way over.

-He receives some medical attention, but is okay.

-He and Jess arrive home to see Coach and Cece making out in front of their building.

-Nick has accidentally let Winston's cat, Furguson, out of the house.

-A woman named Bertie calls the number on the collar, and Nick and Winston travel to her house to pick up the cat.

-Bertie is extremely odd, but Winston is attracted to her, and sends Nick home with the cat so that he can make his move.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

She's on a flip-phone. That means she's either poor, or a time traveler!


Hi there. I'm about to ruin a date and don't want to show up empty-handed.