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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 13, Coach was becoming increasingly jealous of the attention Ryan was receiving from the other women at the school so he takes it upon himself to go through the books and find a loophole for Jess. He finds exactly what he needs and Jess is able to come out to the faculty that she is in fact dating Ryan. Things go from bad to worse when she has to hear her colleagues opinion on where they should go on the next field trip and after hearing a variety of terrible ideas, Ryan comes up with the idea to do a space themed field trip and have the kids be able to move the Mars rover. Jess of course goes with this idea which makes the others angry and feel like she is playing favorites. Jess caves and chooses an extremely bad field trip idea which turns out to be just cleaning leaves off the Biology teachers property. 

Coach and Cece tell Jess she needs to stand up for herself and let them know she is the boss. The next day Jess announces to everyone that while she may be in a relationship with Ryan she is not playing favorites and the choices she makes in the future is not going to make everyone happy but she loves Ryan and is not going to jeopardize her relationship with him. 

Meanwhile, Schmidt and Nick get into a fight over where they are in their lives. Schimidt tells Nick he is a shell of her former self and it seems like he doesn't have any prospects for the rest of his life. Nick than tells Schmidt he only cares about working and lets the women at his office walk all over him. By episodes end they make up and decide to work together.

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New Girl Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

If you died, I'd be lost!


Jess: So you want us to come out so that you can go back to hooking up with all the hot teachers?
Coach: Very much so.