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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 7 Jess decides to tell her new boyfriend Ian about Nick -- that she lives with her ex boyfriend. When she informs Ian of this development he is completely turned off and tries to break things off with Jess until she informs him that Nick is really gay and that it is totally not weird that they live together. When they go back to the loft, Jess has to quickly tell Nick that he needs to pretend to be gay and he is on board. That is until Nick brings a woman to the loft and the ruse may very well be up for Nick and Jess.

Meanwhile, Cece decides that she wants breast reduction surgery so she does not have to endure the back pain that other women in her family went through. Scmidt is not on board with this plan and tries to convince her not to get the surgery and throughout trying to convince her not to do it, he goes through the different stages of grief.

Elsewhere Winston is trying to get a date with the new neighbors and Coach tries to help him out and when he is almost in with both of the women, Schmidt ruins it by revealing that the guys are trying to play the women for dates. 

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