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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 8, Coach and Jess attend a 2 day teacher conference where they learn how to communicate and become better teacher's. At the event, Jess's crush Ryan shows up and is coincidentally given the hotel room right next to hers. She asks Coach to be a buffer between her and Ryan because she is not allowed to date another teacher. When Coach decides to quickly not be the buffer, Ryan and Jess are partnered together and they quickly form a bond. The chemistry is electrifying and the two get along extremely well. Jess learns that Ryan is a great guy with a great heart and this just causes her to become even more attracted to him. Meanwhile, Coach decides to go to the bar and gets drunk with some other teachers and he tells them that he does not want to be the health teacher because they do not provide anything to the kids. The other teachers tell him, while they are all drunk, that the health teacher is one of the most important teachers in the school. This causes Coach, who is extremely drunk, to get nervous and he goes to the pool and is about to jump in until Jess comes and calms him down with the help of Ryan. In the end, Coach is assured that he will be a good teacher and thanks to Ryan helping out Jess learned more about her crush and even found out that he looks forward to seeing her every single day and wants to be in a relationship with her as well --- then he kisses her.

Meanwhile, Winston Schmidt and Nick decide to have a crazy night in until Schmidt accidentally spills red wine of Jess's bed. Nick just tells him to put it in the laundry and we find out that Schmidt has never done laundry. We also learn that Winston never learned how to read a ruler; so Nick teaches the both of them how to do these normal things. 

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