New Girl Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Goldmine

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Nick and Jess fans are going to have a lot of strong words for New Girl Season 4 Episode 7.

It has been difficult being a Nick and Jess fan and not having any closure on their relationship. Having Nick pretend he was gay was yet another flap in the face of the fans that want to see some fallout from them as a couple. 

We will not even get into the whole tired gag of a male roommate pretending to be gay; though the Nick and Jess scenes were the highlight and only shining moment amongst an extremely dull episode. It was not at all surprising that they would paint Schmidt as Nick's significant other -- is there any other choice out there for Nick's possible boyfriend? 

Are we seriously going to believe that Cece needs breast reduction surgery? Yes, we get that Cece is fuller in the breast department, but I do not see her as a likely candidate for breast reduction surgery -- especially if she was going through her insurance.

As someone that knows many women that have gone through their insurance to get the surgery -- good luck Cece. Schmidt's mourning of her breasts was worth a few chuckles -- once a douche always a douche. Is it bad that I really wanted to hear Schmidt's last parting words to Cece's breasts? 

The Winston and Coach subplot was incredibly boring and contrived. We can usually count on these two for some type of comic relief, but all the good lines went to Nick and Jess; maybe next week guys. At least they let Winston get one of the girls in the end so all the work that the guys were doing was not pointless. 

New Girl Season 4 Episode 6 was filled with a lot more laughs and gave us a chance to see what they possibly had in store for this season, but then this episode crushed those hopes. There were no laughs to be had and everyone seemed to be phoning in it; what a sad state New Girl is currently in.

The only bright spot tonight was the ensemble being together at the end and while it was not a funny scene, it just proved how much chemistry this cast has when put in the same room together.

What did you think of tonight's episode of New Girl? Do you feel that they have hit a wall and are lost for stories? Or are you happy with the way things are going? 

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Goldmine Review

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