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Schmidt is being honored at his High School, so the whole gang flies to New York.

Nick and Winston enjoy a lavish lunch, and spend all their money.

Cece tries to get along with Schmidt's mom, but she won't stop smothering her son.

Each time Jess has been to New York, she's had a bad experience.

Schmidt discovers his High School is honoring a lot of students, in hopes they'll give money for a new scoreboard.

Schmidt is upset and locks himself in his bedroom. He needs his favorite soup to feel better.

Winston and Nick try to perform in a subway station for money to get to Long Island. 

Jess decides to get Schmidt's soup, leaving his mom and Cece to look after him.

Jess encounters a Deli filled with New York attitudes. Tired of getting walked over she starts acting like a New Yorker.

Jess decides she's going to take New York by the balls, but on her way back to Schmidt's a cop needs her car.

The cop and Jess go on a wild car ride to catch a criminal and crash.

Jess goes to the 99th Precinct to get the car fixed, and has a heart-to-heart with the caption.

Jess learns New York wasn't a bad experience after all. On her last trip she decided to leave early, when she got home she found her boyfriend cheating.

This lead her to move in with the boys, and have a better life.

Schmidt tries to clown his old schoolmates, but ends up being the butt of a joke. Cece steps in, and finally wins over Schmidt's mom.


New Girl
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New Girl Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Fairfax and La Brea.


That's for sucker MCs, and west coast punks.