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Schmidt and Cece are trying to buy a house. Aly's sister Leslie is there real estate agent.

Leslie is horrible at being an agent. She shows homes that aren't even for sell. Schmidt and Cece have to fire her.

Jess has been involved in various activities trying not to think about Nick. She doesn't want to come to grips that she is still in love with him.

Winston's girlfriend is at an FBI training for 3 months. He doesn't want to tell her how bad Leslie is. But once Leslie tries to sell him a boat as a house he comes clean. Aly already knows how dumb Leslie is.

Nick comes back from New Orleans and Jess can't take it. She gets completely nervous around him. Nick is still with Reagan while she is in Seattle on business.

Schmidt and Cece try to buy a house on there own but, Jess won't leave them alone. She throws herself into house hunting still trying to not think about Nick. Cece tells Jess she needs to deal with her feelings.

Jess comes clean to Schmidt and Winston that she is in love with Nick. Jess wants to be able to talk to Nick as a friend again. 

Nick tells Jess he wrote a book, and is all because of her. Nick says he would have never gone to New Orleans if it wasn't for her.

Schmidt and Cece try to get a higher loan so they can buy there dream house. They receive the loan but realize they can't afford it. Instead they buy a very bad fixer upper they can afford. 

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New Girl Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

The on-suite is on fleek.


You know what they call Seattle in Portland? North Portland. Or Vancouver's shoe.