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On this week's episode of Nurse Jackie...

... Coop admitted that he wasn't cool. It was a nice moment from the doctor, after he was basically rejected by everyone at the hospital for a lunch date. He hung out with Sam and was invted out with Sam and his pals. They ended up freelance rapping on the street, where Coop bonded with a woman and even tried his (hilarious) hand at a rap.

... Eddie was hired back.

... Zoey tried to bond with Jackie over Lenny's feelings for her. She'll probably hook up with the nice guy.

... O'Hara wrote a prescription for Jackie because she thought her friend has serious back pain. But she then learned that there's no "Jackie Peyton" in the MRI system and now must wonder if Jackie really is an addict.

... Jackie found a man undergoing a seizure. She also saw he had pockets full of Oxycontin. After sending the man's wife away, she stole it alll. Was he a doctor? A dealer? We don't know and may never find out, the woman got a look at Jackie's name tag, so we'll see if this plays a role going forward.

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Akalitus: Someone may be dying
Coop: The nurses will keep him alive until I get there. That's their job.

Akalitus: Welcome back to All Saints.
Eddie: I'm gonna rock this shit.
Akalitus: I wish you wouldn't.