Inconclusive Diagnosis - Nurses
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Grace has to work after not sleeping for 36 hours. A patient comes in from a driving accident, seemingly high or drunk, claiming his name is Marco Polo. His tox screen comes back clean.

Grace shines a light in his eye and he attacks her. She's slightly hurt and instructed to report it as assault, but she doesn't want to.

Marco Polo is Devon Barkley. After talking to his mother, Grace figures out that Devon has meningitis.

Keon covers for Grace, taking desk duty so she can stay on her feet. He finds a video of Marco Polo online and is instructed to find who posted it so he can get it taken down. It was posted by a girl with an ankle injury who is upset that she's been waiting 5 hours because her injury isn't a priority. The patient's cousin responds to her post, IDing him.

Wolf waits for Ashley at a bar, but Ashley is held up by an elderly patient. after she clocks out, her patient dies, and she does not take it well. Caro, a colleague, comforts her/drinks with her. Ashley used to be religious before she came out, and has a Christian tattoo. She and Caro kiss, but Caro says she doesn't date people she works with.

Naz deals with a high-maintenance opera singer who wants a cortisone shot. Dr. Kaplan will only give the shot if she gets a laparoscope of her vocal cords, but she fears for her voice. There is a growth that might be cancerous on her vocal cords be she won't consent to a biopsy. She changes her mind when Naz shares a bit about her past.

Grace learns that her old hospital is merging with St. Mary's from her boyfriend, legal representation for the hospital.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

For the record, I'm not a dog.

Naz (After her patient rings a bell for her)

People like to compare nurses to saints; do-gooders selflessly caring for others. Problem with this is, it's just not human. And, I mean, how can you not make a total mess of your personal life when the job takes everything you've got?