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-King Leopold finds a genie in a bottle and with one of his wishes he sets the genie free and brings him back to his kingdom.

-The Queen's wife plays on Genie's sympathy and he falls in love with her. She also longs to be free as the King will never love her the way he loved his first wife, Snow White's mother.

-When the Queen brings in vipers and tells Genie she will kill herself with their bite so that she can be free, he offers to use the vipers to kill the king instead.

-When the king is dead, the guards recognize that the vipers are from the Genie's homeland and know he killed the king.  Genie realizes the Queen set him up but uses his last wish to always be with her and gaze upon her face. He is instantly transported inside her mirror and becomes her magic mirror.

-In Storybrooke, Regina knocks down Henry's play castle after it is damaged in a storm. His special book which was buried beneath it disappears.

-Sidney comes to Emma with a plan to take down the mayor. He believes Regina has embezzled $50,000 in town funds for her own personal use. He convinces Emma to take the information to the city council.

-Regina shows that the money was set aside to build a new play area for the children and makes Emma look like a fool.

-Sidney and Emma agree that they will continue to search into Regina to take her down. Then Sidney meets with Regina to tell her that her plan to take down Emma is working.

Once Upon a Time
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