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In the fairy tale land, Ariel and Hook look for Black Beard who has stolen the Jolly Roger and kidnapped Prince Eric. When Hook has to make a choice, he chooses his ship and kills Black Beard, leaving Eric's future uncertain.

Ariel is angry and heartbroken but vows to find her true love.

In Storybrooke, Regina mentors Emma to use her magic while David tries to prove he's more fun than Hook by teaching Henry how to drive. 

Ariel arrives searching for Eric. Hook feels guilty and eventually confesses what he did in the Fairy Tale Land to Ariel. When Hook swears he's do it differently if he could she asks him to prove it by swearing on his true love's name. He swears on Emma Swan.

Suddenly Ariel turns into Zelena. it was all a trick. Ariel found Eric and the two are living happily ever after. But once Hook swore on Emma's name, Zelena cursed him. Now his kiss will steal all of Emma's powers and if he refuses to kiss her, Zelena threatens to kill everyone Emma loves.  

Once Upon a Time
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