Once Upon a Time Review: A Tortured Hero

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Captain Hook became the tortured hero on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 17 as he searched for "The Jolly Roger," but ended up finding a broken heart.

We finally found out what Hook was up to in that missing year in the fairy tale world and it involved pirating…on the open road instead of the open sea. That's because Black Beard had stolen his ship. 

I really wasn't surprised that Hook chose his ship over rescuing Eric. There's still plenty of pirate in that pirate and at the time he was cynical and heart broken, believing he'd never see Emma again. 

Fast forward to Storybrooke and David and Emma were trying to put together the baby's crib while Mary Margaret wondered why Zelena wanted with her baby. 

The number of spells involving baby parts would surprise you.


Eww... I don't really want to think about that. 

It's about time that Emma learned to embrace her own magic. She obviously either doesn't believe enough in her own power or she's too scared to use it. I'm not completely sure which, but I loved how Regina decided to intensify Emma's training by throwing her in the deep end…or off of a bridge.

It was fun to watch everyone vie for Henry's attention. As Regina pointed out in this Once Upon a time quote, it's not exactly a shock that Henry enjoys hanging out with the pirate.

He's prone to violence, impulsive and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12 year old boy not like?


I also loved that Regina called Emma out on ignoring Hook's yearning looks. Finally, Emma seemed to be ready to take notice but talk about horrible timing.

I was wondering why we hadn't seen any of Zelena during this episode, although I was happy for the break. A little green goes a long way. 

Poor Hook has been carrying around the guilt about choosing his ship over Prince Eric and Zelena took advantage of it in the worst possible way. 

Now, instead of true love's kiss breaking a curse, it will invoke another. Hook's predicament is rather heartbreaking. If he kisses Emma, he'll steal her powers and Zelena will win. If he refuses to kiss her, Zelena will kill everyone that Emma loves. It's a no win situation.

And it comes just as Emma's opening up to him. She called him Killian, invited him to dinner and told him she was tired of living in the past. Suddenly Hook is Storybrooke's tortured hero with no easy answer in sight. 

Your turn TV Fanatics, what do you think Hook should do?

The Jolly Roger Review

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