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In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Cora visits Regina on the anniversary of Daniel’s death and says she’s run into Tinkerbell and will help Regina find her soulmate. But Cora doesn’t think that Robin is good enough for Regina, plus he’s married to Marian, so she gives the Sheriff of Nottingham a magic tattoo and pretends he’s Regina’s soulmate.

Regina catches on. The Sheriff tells her that her mother wanted to make sure she had a child so that the royal line would continue. In retaliation, Regina swallows a potion that assures she will never have children. Cora tells her that she is the one thing standing in the way of her own happy ending.

Back in Storybrooke, Maleficent meets Lily who only wants revenge against the Charmings and she’s angry when Maleficent doesn’t go along with her plan. 

Regina locks Zelena up at the hospital. She takes the quill and the author from a weekend Rumpel and cuts Lily’s hand to get her blood, realizing that the dark blood of the savior that they need to make the ink must run through Lily’s veins.

Hook convinces Emma to let go of her anger towards her parents. When Regina steals Lily’s blood, she turns into a dragon and goes on a rampage, hurting Snow. Emma heals her wounds and forgives her. 

Maleficent finds her daughter. Lily expected her mother to want to get revenge. She doesn’t know how to handle this opens and is afraid she’ll let her mother down. Maleficent convinces Lily to stick around as a little darkness never scared her. 

Regina plans to have the author write that Zelena never existed until she realizes that it’s something her mother would do. Instead she tells Zelena that she will have the most restrictive visitation rights in history but she won’t make the author write for her. She already has her happy ending as she finally feels at home in the world. 

The Author escapes Regina and heads to Gold’s where he begins to write the villains as heroes…

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

My happy ending is finally feeling at home in the world. Robin is just a part of that world.


The Author: Of all the characters I've written for you really do get screwed over the most.
Regina: I'm well aware.