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In the past, Emma looks for information about her parents but gets picked up by a bounty hunter, Cleo because she jumped bail after robbing a convenience store. Emma breaks out of the handcuffs and is about to leave when she sees the Interstate Record Finder on the bounty hunter’s computer and makes a deal with her to go quietly if she helps her access her records. 

Emma doesn’t find any new information and Cleo tells her she needs to find some inner armor but tries to break in later to find more. Cleo finds her and the two run from the police but the bounty hunter dies when glass from a broken window stabs her. Later, Emma finds the grown daughter that Cleo gave up for adoption and give her all the information she has on her mother. She also buys her red leather jacket, her armor. 

Hades offers Emma a deal. If he helps him get Zelena back from Peter Pan and Rumplestiltskin, he’ll take her friends and family’s names off the headstones and allow them to leave the Underworld. 

Rumple wants Hades to rip up the contract for his unborn baby for Zelena. Hades does it but then Pan tries to take Zelena’s heart so he can be alive again. Emma stops him and Rumple and Pan leave. Hades and Zelena kiss and his heart begins to beat again. His punishment has been lifted. He says that a portal back to Storybrooke will open in the cemetery but it will close at sunset. 

Regina splits Emma’s heart to give half to Hook but it doesn’t work because Hook’s body has been dead too long. In order to save Hook, he and Emma descend to a level below the Underground to find ambrosia, the food of the gods. It can allow Hook to return but the must pass a test first. 

During the test, Emma saves Hook instead of herself and they pass the test but they find the the Ambrosia is all dead. Hook thinks that Hades doesn’t want them coming with him to Storybrooke. With no means of returning to Storybrooke, Hook puts Emma back on the elevator and says goodbye. He makes her promise not to put on her armor just because she lost him. She makes him promise that he won’t let her be his unfinished business and find a way to move on from the Underworld. They kiss and share I love yous before she goes. 

Pan offers Rumple Pandora’s box to help him get Belle back but only if he gets him another heart. Rumple steals Robin’s heart to give to Peter Pan. 

Henry wants to stay in the Underworld to help those who are trying to figure out their unfinished business. Cruella wants to rule Storybrooke once Hades is gone and she wants to keep all of the heroes in the Underworld. She convinces to blind witch to help but Regina realizes that the spell is actually Hades and he wants them stranded in the Underworld. 

Hades, Zelena and the baby make it through the portal. Emma returns to the group and her and Regina’s combined powers are able to break out of the blind witch’s curse. 

Rumple makes it seem as though he’s put Robin’s heart into Peter Pan but it turns out he’s tricked him and put a fake heart filled with water from the River of Lost Souls and Pan is magically transported to the river. 

Rumple uses Pandora’s box to transport Belle back to Storybrooke. The heroes, minus Hook, all make it through the portal. 


Once Upon a Time
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