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Julian shows up at the B. Davis household to go over costume ideas, but that gets sidelined by discussions of Jack and the tabloids, which apparently think Brooke's vengeance is worthy of a cover.

Julian reschedules their meeting for that night, and Sam thinks it's a date, or as she puts it, a meeting with Brooke's lady business.

Peyton (Hilarie Burton) arrives to share her good news, and Brooke (Sophia Bush) cries, not because of her own issues, but because she just finished hand-stitching a new wedding dress with a corset.

Chase (Stephen Colletti) interrupts a jam session between Mia and Haley to ask Mia out on a date. I

The topic of discussion for everyone is whether Julian likes Brooke and vice versa, which is so high school. Sam accidentally drops the bomb to Julian that Peyton is preggers. Millie, on the other hand, purposefully drops the bomb to Brooke that she slept with Owen.

Brooke banishes her, then forgives her.

Mia begs Haley for dating advice, and her offer is a double date with her and Nathan. Haley's wheels move quickly, because she heads over to see Lucas, get him to confess that Peyton is pregnant, then coerces him into babysitting Jamie and Andre.

Brooke tries to get Mouth to forgive Millie, but Mouth isn't having it.

Later that night, Millie shows up offering sex if it will make Mouth happy enough to take her back. That moment is cut short when she runs to the bathroom to vomit.

Lucas and Peyton think kiddie movies, arts and crafts and the game Mousetrap are super fun, but the kids aren’t buying it. Instead, Jamie wants to play some poker.

At Tric, the double date is off to a rough start as two other bartenders called in sick so Chase has to work. Also, it’s karaoke night.

All Chase’s worries are forgotten soon, though, as Mia shows up in a black dress. The boys play a basketball game, and Nathan helps Chase win so he looks good in front of Mia.

However, it turns out the girls signed up their men to sing.

Lucas is tuckered out and discovers that taking care of kids is very tiring business. Peyton offers to take control and give her man a breather to go get some ice cream.

Haley and Nathan sneak away to give the young lovers some privacy. They pick up Jamie and Andre, only to find the kids are awake while Lucas and Peyton are asleep on the couch.

Chase ends his date with Mia by giving her an awkward hug. He quickly realizes his mistake and returns for the kiss.

Julian shows up for his meeting with Brooke, but she gets mixed signals about whether it’s a date or a business meeting.

After discussing Ravens uniforms, Julian reveals that while he read the book because of Peyton, he actually responded more to the Brooke character.

After a few glasses of wine, Brooke and Julian bitch about their parents. After listing the many reasons they shouldn’t hook up, they make out.

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