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Lucas has nightmares about Peyton’s health, but he’s woken up by Nathan, wanting to go play some basketball.

Jamie scores a ton of baskets as Nathan complains about how hard being a dad is because Jamie’s asking questions about Keith.

The principal who fired Haley complains about how idiotic the students are. Jack gives her some backtalk and leaves, as does Sam.

Haley struggles to convince the kids to go back to school while Sam tugs at her heartstrings by talking about how much Haley has changed the lives of her students, like Quentin.

The kids beg Haley to teach them about Catch-22. Even worse, most of the kids didn’t even read the book, making their desire for education highly suspect.

This unofficial cram session is brought to a close when the mean old principal crashes the party. Haley convinces the kids that going back to school is the right thing to do.

Haley brags to Brooke about how Sam is now responsible and productive, and that’s all because of Brooke giving her a house to live in.

Haley picks up some things from the school where the principal has had a change of heart and offers Haley her job back.

However, Haley refuses to cave, saying that the bitchy principal made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn.

To forget about Deb, Skills forces Mouth to go on a road trip.

Skills drives them to a college party where he hopes to run into Gigi. It won’t be an accident, as Skills texted her pretending to be Mouth talking about her fine ass.

They get to college and there seems to be a pajama party in the middle of the day. They instantly find Gigi, who is doing a keg stand, and forces Mouth to do one as well.

Skills is in flirting heaven, but Mouth is going crazy, seeing visions of Millie everywhere. Skills sees that Mouth isn’t having nearly as good a time as he should.

Mouth admits he’s still pining for Millie, so they leave.

On the ride home, Skills tells Mouth that he’s OK with his own break-up because he lives by a simple motto: if it’s meant to be, it will be.

However, Skills drives him all the way to NYC to Millie’s apartment after he dozes off. Guess if it's meant to be, you can encourage it a little bit as well.

Mouth waits until she gets home and apologizes one last time to Millicent Huxtable. This time it works and she kisses him.

Once again, Nathan does everything he possibly can to avoid being a real dad by asking Lucas to talk to Jamie for him. Nathan has done everything he can to avoid hanging out with Jamie.

The three Scott boys visit Keith’s old auto shop.

Jamie runs around like a kid in a candy shop without any supervision. The three chat about girls, and Lucas outs Nathan for manipulating Haley in order to get her to go out with him.

Nathan mocks Jamie’s crush on his teacher, but the conversation really comes to an end when Jamie asks what happened to Aunt Lindsey.

Jamie puts on some grease facial hair to resemble a baby Keith.

The poor parenting decisions pile up when they let Jamie get behind the wheel of the car to start it up.

Their night ends with Jamie asking the truly hard question: is it OK for him to still care about Grandpa Dan even though he killed Keith?

Lucas says it is. Jamie likes the auto shop because it’s a place where you bring something that’s broken and it gets fixed.

Julian makes a last-ditch effort to win back Brooke by begging her and Sam to move with him to L.A. Brooke runs off to ask Peyton for advice.

Brooke then goes to Chase of all people for relationship advice.

He tells her to figure out what she wants and not to be afraid to let a man into her heart.

Julian meets up with Sam at the diner and tells her about how he asked Brooke and her to come with him to L.A.

She goes home to tell Jack, and he’s nonchalant as always. When she goes to pack, he proves that he can’t play it cool by kissing her.

Brooke still isn’t sure, spending the night staring at a wedding dress in her shop. When she gets home, Sam already has their bags packed, eager to jet off to L.A. with the great Julian.

Sam tries to kick some sense into Brooke, telling her that she’s her own worst enemy, preventing herself from falling in love with a great guy.

At the airport, Julian is happy to see Brooke, until she opens her mouth and says she’s not going.

Sam visits Jack to talk about his impromptu kiss while Brooke returns home and cries about the terrible decision she just made.


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