The morning dawns on the latest episode of One Tree Hill and it is full of good and bad news.

  • The good: Jamie is being considered for a prestigious school, Nathan becomes a team leader and Mouth and Millie have finally had sex.
  • The bad: Victoria is in town to wake up Brooke and Skills is sulking hard core over his break-up with Deb. 
  • The worse: Peyton drives along and gets a call from Mia. She pulls up to an intersection, stops and sees a mother and daughter on the side of the road.  She smiles, looks down at her pregnant stomach and proceeds through a green light. And an SUV barrels into her.

At the hospital, Peyton appears relatively uninjured from the accident, but it may have caused some complications with her condition.

Brooke, meanwhile, is an emotional mess.

Also, the Comet is wrecked and while it will cost more to repair than what it's worth, Lucas  demands they fix it.

Peyton goes home and refuses to stay bed-ridden like her doctors suggested.

She walks around and bonds with Brooke. Peyton also asks Haley to help finish producing Mia's album, but instead, Haley brings the studio to Peyton.

Lucas sets out to start repairing the Comet.

Nathan and Haley take Jamie to the Oppenheimer School for the Gifted. He meets some fellow students and tries out his stand-up routine.

Even more sad is that the school doesn't have sports, but it does use sports for learning exercises. And this is how we got Mathketball.

Jamie plays against some kid who scores a "three-point mathket" and does a victory dance. This show is getting a little lame, we have to say.

Nathan instantly decides that there's no way Jamie is going to a school full of "math-holes." It's getting lamer still, we take it back!

At home, Nathan and Haley revert back to their high school selves and debate whether Jamie should be a nerd or a jock.

After some reflection, Nathan and Haley both change their minds on the issue, but none of it matters because Jamie comes up and offers his own opinion: he wants to stay at his school.

That night they drink wine while Nathan laments having to go back to playing basketball.

Jack and Sam bond over things that scare them as much as Victoria Davis.

Victoria barges in and Same tells Victoria point blank that they don't like her before tricking her outside so Sam can lock Victoria in the yard.

Victoria goes to the Clothes Over Bros store to apologize to Brooke.

She wants Brooke back in the company and is willing to acknowledge that she made a mistake forcing her out. However, Victoria also points out that Brooke did some bad things too, like pointing a gun at her own mother.

Brooke finally agrees to return to the company with her mother, but only if she can get 51 percent ownership.

Some family far away wants to adopt Jack, which makes Sam upset that she might lose her potential boyfriend. Brooke tries to cheer her up, but Sam believes Brooke has no right to provide advice on love since she so spectacularly sabotaged her relationship with Julian.

Sam and Jack say their goodbyes at the coffee shop when Victoria arrives for the epic verbal smackdown between two of my favorite characters.

After some initial sparring, Sam goes for the kill, wondering how anyone could say they wish their daughter was never born.

Victoria responds by saying that, as an abandoned child, which would Sam prefer, a mother who left her or a mother who stuck around and was bad at it.

Jack's new parents arrive, and they're young and cool, which depresses Sam.  However, she summons up enough confidence to tell them that she's Jack's girlfriend.

As he leaves, she chases after him to plant a big kiss on him. Sam is sad, but Victoria of all people comes back to take her home.

As for Skills, he picks up Jamie from school and runs into his teacher, Miss Lauren. There's some serious flirting.

The next day Jamie goes back to school and gives flowers to Miss Lauren, saying they're from his Uncle Skills.

Finally, Mouth and Millie spent the entire episode in love.

However, at the very end, Mouth moves back to Tree Hill and his solution to make the long-distance relationship work is for both of them to sleep next to laptops with webcams so they can watch each other sleeping.

Yes, cheesy One Tree Hill quotes abound, raising the bar even higher even by this show's impeccable standards.

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