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Quinn has a dream where everyone in Tree Hill is a zombie.  She wakes up in the middle of the night and goes into one of her drawers to find a gun.  She freaks out when she thinks Katie is coming up the stairs during trick or treating.  Clay then finds the gun and tells her she should go away on a photography job to clear her head.

While Brooke is still upset about losing Clothes Over Bros, Julian's mom drops by to visit.  Sylvia tells the bride and groom to be that she will be paying for everything. The bad news is that she wants to change all of Brooke's ideas.

Nathan takes Jamie and his friends trick or treating, while Clay and Quinn stay home to hand out candy.  The rest of the gang then all go out to Tric for a Halloween party.

Jamie, Chuck and Madison sneak out of the house while Junk is passed out on the couch.  They go to the scary house and Chuck pulls a prank on the other two to scare them.

During open mic night at Tric, Haley loves one of the acts.  It happens to be the same person she's been talking to on the phone from the Crisis Intervention center.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Julian: How you feeling today, beautiful?
Brooke: I'm not very beautiful.
Julian: Oh, well I'm gonna go grab a mirror, your reflection should take care of that.

Brooke: I will not let these vampire bridesmaids ruin our wedding.
Quinn: They're zombies. Are you kidding me? Do you not see how slow they're moving?

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Take me to heaven Take Me to Heaven Jarrod Gorbel iTunes
Only human Only Human Ryan Huston iTunes
Possibility Possibility Sierra Noble iTunes