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Haley is still working at the crisis intervention center.  She also helps Brooke with her personal crisis.

Julian is making a documentary about "what comes next".  He takes some footage of Brooke then hits up Mouth for some help.  Mouth attempts to act more with it than he ever could imagine he'd be.

Victoria finds out that Brooke is liquidating the company and tells her to never visit her in prison again.

Nathan is struggling with telling Clay that he has decided to quit basketball.  Once he does, Clay is nothing but supportive of the decision.

Nathan tells Clay he wants to help him with his clients while he's recovering from his gun shot wounds.

Alex takes a movie deal and tells Chase she has to leave for it in a week.  He gets mad that she lied to him about it originally and tells her he won't wait for her.

Nathan and Brooke have press conferences retiring from basketball and announcing the dismantling of a company, respectively.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Better be careful Mouth. Last time you helped me, you got fired and now you're sitting out here at the River Court looking kinda creepy and stalker-ish.


I get to go visit my mother in prison and tell her I sold my company...good times.