Only Murders In The Building - The Memorial Season 1 Episode 2
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Mabel watches an old clip from Charles's show Brazzos, while sketching a portrait of Tim. She realizes that Charles had been quoting old lines from the television script when divulging his feelings about his father.

For the next episode of their podcast, Charles narrates, Oliver directs, and they argue. When Mabel joins them, Charles reveals that he has Lester the doorman for information about the night of the murder, and Lester told him that no one went in or out. Charles insists they find someone in the building who knew Tim. Mabel suggests they attend Tim's memorial in the lobby.

Flashback: Mabel accuses Tim of withholding information that could exonerate their mutual friend, Oscar. Tim refuses to help, disappointing Mabel. They agree to act like they don't know each other.

At Tim's memorial, it becomes clear that no one in the building liked him. A therapist from the 6th floor, Dr. Stanley, offers his services. Oliver notices a distraught man, Howard, and asks him to share his feelings (for the podcast). Howard reveals that his cat, Evelyn, has passed away. 

Bunny informs Oliver that his building fees are eight months late. Mabel is upset and retreats to her apartment, telling Charles and Oliver to meet with Ursula, the building manager, by themselves.

Mabel records a personal video about Tim, detailing their history.

Flashback: Tim and Mabel met at the Arconia when they were ten. He was a blunt, privileged kid and she was a poor girl from Long Island, visiting her aunt. Tim and Mabel spent a few weeks together each year, playing "Hardy Boys" and solving mysteries. They were soon joined by Oscar (the superintendent's son) and Zoe, whose family owned the 11th floor. Their "Hardy Boys" quartet was a tight-knit group of sneak thieves with keys to every apartment in the building, thanks to Oscar. 

Oliver and Charles visit Ursula. She agrees to give them the file of complaints against Tim Kono, for a price -- a case of Gut Milk, her side hustle.

After a tip from Ursula, the trio searches Tim's apartment before it gets cleaned out. Mabel finds a collection of "Hardy Boys" books and Oliver finds many past-due bills. There are no pictures of girlfriends, but plenty of sex toys.

Flashback: Mabel remembers a fateful New Year's Eve. Zoe and Oscar fight. Zoe screams. Tim sees something -- Zoe hadn't been arguing with Oscar, but Tim refuses to say more. 

The trio finds bloody cat prints in Tim's apartment, deducing that they belong to Evelyn, Howard's deceased cat. Tim and Evelyn died the same night, but Tim must have died first.

Mabel confronts Charles about the lie regarding his father. Charles insists that he wrote the lines in the show based on his personal experience. After Mabel leaves, Oliver confides in Charles that he does not trust her.

Mabel has a conversation in her mind with Tim, asking if his death had anything to do with what happened that New Year's Eve. She finds rings and jewelry hidden in his "Hardy Boys" books. In one of the books, she finds the picture she herself drew on the day they met.

Flashback: Zoe fell to her death at the New Year's party.




Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Charles: It's so hot in here. Do we have to do this in a closet?
Oliver: Well, now you sound like Patti LuPone.

I mean, a murderer probably lives in the building, but I guess old white guys are only afraid of colon cancer and societal change.