Oliver meeting the press - Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 1
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Charles walks through New York. He sees an "Only Murders In The Building" bus ad and fireworks in the distance. Charles gets recognized by passersby. He accidentally walks into a manhole.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver are being interrogated (separately) by Detective Williams and Detective Kreps.

Kreps disparages the podcast, except for the one bit that stuck out, which he plays for Mabel -- her narration about the recurring dream where she stabs a man with a knitting needle.

Mabel asks if he's a lawyer, sarcastically saying he's "so smart." Detective Williams chuckles.

Charles and Oliver insist Mabel could not have done it.

Detective Williams tells Mabel it doesn't sound good. Mabel explains that on the night in question, she went to her apartment to get champagne, and Bunny was just there, with a knitting needle in her chest.

Mabel requests a lawyer.

Officer Kleps asks Oliver about his hatred for Bunny. Oliver considers Mabel as a suspect.

Charles reminds the detectives that he has done cop shows before and knows what's up. He yells at the mirror on one of the walls, which Detective Williams insists is just decorative and not two-way -- the two-way mirror is behind them. 

Detective Williams asks Mabel what she did with the knife. Mabel, disgusted, realizes that the cops don't even have the actual murder weapon -- not only that, but they have arrested the three people who have solved two murders.

Detective Williams leads Mabel, Charles, and Oliver out. Charles asks Detective Williams if she's the one who texted him to get out of the building, which she denies.

Oliver picks up a newspaper, disappointed that he has been cropped out of the photo (it's just Mabel and Charles).

Detective Williams tells them that they are all persons of interest, meaning they can't be charged until there is evidence, and she stresses that the trio must not try to solve the crime themselves.

Oliver, Charles, and Mabel exit to a crowd of the press. Oliver revels in the attention.

The trio rides up the Arconia elevator. Oliver asks Mabel about her "Beatz" headphones as a callback. Charles asks Mabel about Bunny and if there was anyone else there, to which Mabel replies no.

Oliver records some quiet words of mourning about Bunny. Charles notes that true-crime podcasts rarely have successful sequels. Mabel doesn't want any part in anything to do with death anymore.

Oliver keeps recording. Charles remarks the police don't even have the real murder weapon -- the knife. Mabel leaves Charles and Oliver.

Mabel goes back to the apartment -- the scene of the crime. She remembers returning and finding the stabbed Bunny, who collapsed in her arms with a knitting needle in her chest.

Mabel scrubs the blood off the floor.

Charles takes down photos and notes from the "murder board." He gets a call from his agent, who tells him they want to reboot Brazzos.

Mabel checks her social media. She gets a video message from Alice Banks, an artist who loves her Arconia mural, inviting her to an art opening the next day.

Oliver gets in the elevator with Winnie. Amy Schumer also gets on. Oliver recognizes her and asks if she's moving into Sting's penthouse, which she confirms.

Amy asks if he's Oliver Putnam, and he says yes. She recognizes Winnie and mentioned how much she enjoyed the podcast. She asks if there will be a second season. Oliver teases that there is always a chance.

Amy asks if he would consider selling her the rights so she can turn it into a streaming television series. She tells him to come by sometime so they can discuss it over turkey and tequila.

Charles discusses the possibility of a Brazzos reboot with a network producer and director. They mention that the series has already been picked up for an 18-episode season, with Naomi Jackson as Brazzos. Charles would play "Uncle" Brazzos.

The director and producer mention how they initially thought Charles was dead, but then with his resurgence, with the podcast, it's great timing.

Mabel shows up at the art opening. A young man wants to take a selfie with "Bloody Mabel," but then Alice appears and tells him to leave. Alice takes Mabel around the show.

They come upon a portrait of Frida Kahlo. Mabel mentions that her father gave her a 1000-piece Frida Kahlo jigsaw puzzle when she was four, and she finished it the day before she turned five.

Alice says she finds Mabel compelling. Mabel says Alice doesn't know anything about her. Alice says she knows four things — some people call her Bloody Mabel, she likes Mabel's art, she wants Mabel's dress, and Mabel had a Frida puzzle.

Mabel says all she knows about Alice is that she likes sliding into people's DMs, and she'd like her aunt's closet because of where the dress comes from.

Alice says she wants to recruit Mabel to their artists' collective. Alice says Frida Kahlo didn't have an MFA. Onlookers take Mabel's photo. Mabel asks Alice to assure her it's not a cult.

Charles wakes up in bed to the narration of Cinda Canning and the "Only Murderers In The Building" podcast. He turns to see an imaginary Cinda in bed with him, saying she knows how his father was in and out of prison.

Imaginary Cinda and her doppelganger assistants knit in Mabel's apartment, as Cinda narrates that she will uncover Mabel's criminal past.

Cinda continues to narrate, now in Oliver's apartment, on his piano, how he almost killed twelve people with Splash! The Musical.

Oliver and Charles show up and Mabel's, discussing the Cinda Canning podcast. Mabel says Cinda doesn't know what happened that night. Mabel recalls that it was a blur, but she thinks Bunny said something -- "fourteen" -- before she died.

Oliver suggests breaking into Bunny's apartment to find evidence that exonerates them. Charles thinks it's a terrible idea. Oliver mentions Amy Schumer. Charles tells them that Brazzos is getting a reboot. Mabel and Oliver congratulate him.

Oliver asks if Mabel wants to clear her name. Mabel insists that she wants to not be defined by death but to become an artist. They hear what sounds like Bunny shouting "Fuck off, Oliver" repeatedly. It's coming in through the vent in Mabel's bathroom.

The three of them crawl through the vent and into Bunny's apartment. They hear someone shouting "Get out!" and they realize it's a bird in a cage. Charles recognizes it as a yellow-headed amazon. The bird, Mrs. Gambolini, swears at them.

Oliver says they should search for notes, namely ones he wrote in anger to Bunny that might incriminate him.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver search and collect Bunny's papers. A key comes into the front door lock, and the trio hides in the bedroom.

Uma and Howard enter. Uma mentions Bunny's eye for erotic art and one painting, a Rose Cooper, she has come to collect and get appraised. She says it is in the bedroom. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver hide in the closet.

Uma comes in and screams, realizing the Rose Cooper painting is gone. She looks in the closet but doesn't see the trio. They go back out tho the apartment. Mabel points out a secret door in the closet, which leads to a hidden elevator.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver grab three warm coats and take the elevator down. They discuss the possibility that the murderer also stole the painting.

The elevator takes them down and outside. After some discussion, Mabel agrees to do the podcast, if only to clear her name.

Mabel, Charles, and Oliver record the opening of their next episode.

Charles gets home with some groceries.

Oliver goes through the notes from Bunny's desk. Among them is a card with no signature that says, "BUNNY FOLGER, I WANT THAT PAINTING."

Oliver gets a text from Charles telling him to come here right away.

Mabel stares at the blood spot. She recalls Bunny saying "Savage" as she died.

Mabel also gets the text from Charles.

Mabel and Oliver arrive to see Bunny's erotic painting hanging on Charles's wall. The man in the painting looks oddly like Charles, and Mabel asks if it's him. Charles says it's his father

Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Stuff it up your ass.

Mrs. Gambolini

I’d rather be dead than boring.

Oliver Putnam