The Arconia - Only Murders In The Building
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In a narration from Tim Kono, he recounts the 23 seconds he spent on the elevator with the trio, and how he will be murdered in 12 minutes. Tim explains that he was often alone as a child but only started feeling lonely after he lost his "Hardy Boys" gang. His loneliness led him to an affair with Jan.

Mabel and Oliver rush to Charles's apartment. Oliver attempts to break down Charles's door but fails, just as Charles returns from the symphony. They tell him that his girlfriend is a murderer.

Mabel and Oliver explain their theory -- Tim was carrying cocktail glasses and suicide notes from the sixth floor, where Jan lives. They believe Tim and Jan were sleeping together. Charles insists that they're being ridiculous -- there was no mention of Jan on Tim's phone, and Jan was stabbed. 

Charles asks them to leave. Mabel asks where Jan is. Charles tells them she's still playing at the symphony and he left early.

Mabel and Oliver leave, urging Charles to be careful, and leaving the bassoon cleaner with him.

Charles contemplates the garbage bags and the note Jan left him. 

Jan arrives, saying she left the symphony at intermission. She's embarrassed and apologizes for lying. He invites her in. 

Mabel and Oliver break into Jan's apartment, with Mabel picking the lock.

Jan makes drinks and gives Charles a handkerchief with ice in it for his nosebleed. Jan notices the bassoon cleaner. Charles tells her they found it in Tim's apartment. She acts confused, wondering if the murderer is targeting bassoonists. She gets defensive, wondering if Charles suspects her. Charles assures her that he doesn't, though Oliver and Mabel do. 

Charles asks not to talk about Tim Kono. Charles confesses that he thinks he's falling in love with her. Jan returns his feelings. He says he would probably still love her even if she did kill Tim. She notes that he's not drinking much. He admits that he is not drinking at all because there is poison in it. 

Charles tells Jan that he knows she poisoned Tim and shot him with his own gun, but doesn't understand why she poisoned the cat. Jan says that she didn't -- Evelyn must have come in afterward and lapped up Tim's poisoned blood. 

Mabel finds a variety of poisons in Jan's bathroom. 

Jan admits that she was dating Tim, but he broke up with her two days before he was killed. On the day she was killed, she had invited him in for drinks, then sent the glasses away with him in the garbage, and then went back to practicing the Pavane for the whole building to hear. Charles notes that she did not in fact play live -- it had been a recording that night. She admits this is true.

He tells her he realized she might have been involved from looking at the notes -- Jan's uppercase 'J' is similar in both the "suicide" notes and the note she slipped under Charles's door. Charles begins slurring his speech and stumbling. He realizes she has put poison on his handkerchief. 

Mabel and Charles find a knife hidden behind one of the grates in Jan's apartment -- Jan had stabbed herself. 

Charles collapses, no longer able to speak. 

FLASHBACK: We see Jan turning on the fire alarm the night Tim died. She enters Tim's apartment, where he is convulsing on the floor from the poison. Jan takes the emerald ring, which she had found the day before Tim broke up with her -- she thought he had been seeing someone else. Wearing gloves, she puts the gun in Tim's hand and shoots him with it. 

In the present, Mabel finds the emerald ring in Jan's drawer. Oliver and Mabel realize that they now have proof Jan killed Tim. 

Jan lights the fireplace, remarking how she's going to have to "think big" to get away with this. She re-affirms to Charles that she is in love with him. She kisses him on the forehead and leaves.

Charles, semi-paralyzed, manages to struggle over to his phone and turn off the recording. 

Oliver and Mabel take the elevator up, just missing Jan as she returns home.

Charles struggles to the elevator, rolling along the floor. He gets in and the door closes, just as Mabel and Oliver return and notice his apartment door open. 

Bunny and Uma get on the elevator with Charles, thinking he is drunk. Howard enters the elevator with his new kitten, Evelyn Seven. Dr. Stanley gets on, asking Charles if he is alright, but Charles cannot reply, so Dr. Stanley leaves him a card.

Lester also thinks Charles is drunk, so he sends him back up to the fourteenth floor. Charles tries to protest, but cannot do much.

As Charles goes back up, Mabel and Oliver arrive back down. Lester tells them he sent Charles back up. Charles and Mabel head back up and find Charles lying on the floor. Mabel deduces that Jan has poisoned Charles and insists they take him to a hospital. Oliver gives him some "toxin-absorbing" gut milk. They unlock his phone using facial recognition and find Jan's confession. Arnav emerges from his apartment, feeling woozy and smelling gas from his fireplace. 

Wheeling Charles in Winnie's stroller, the trio head to the boiler room so they can turn off the gas. Mabel and Oliver manage to get the gas off, saving the building. Jan appears, with a gun, but she doesn't see Mabel. She threatens Charles and Oliver. Charles stands, making an impassioned speech about his friends -- but he's actually unintelligible and only imagining the words, still sitting in the stroller.

Jan advances to shoot. Oliver pushes Charles and the stroller into Jan, knocking her down. Mabel appears and punches Jan in the face while wearing the emerald ring. 

Jan is taken away by the police. Charles is taken away in an ambulance to get his stomach pumped. Bunny approaches Mabel and Oliver to let them know they are no longer evicted. Bunny says she'll get Oliver out sooner or later. Mabel calls her a cranky old bitch. 

Will returns with Winnie. Will offers Oliver a cheque, but Oliver doesn't take it. Oliver invites Will to stay so he can tell him the whole story.

Mabel finishes up her mural. Oscar admires her work and asks if she's okay. To Mabel's surprise and relief, she realizes that she is. 

Charles texts Lucy, inquiring how she's doing. Lucy responds.

A vision of Tim -- but actually Charles -- narrates the end of the final episode of the podcast.

Oliver, Charles, and Mabel drink champagne on the roof. Mabel remarks that Charles is handling things well. Mabel feels as though there are some loose ends. They run out of champagne and Mabel leaves to go get more. Together, Charles and Oliver contemplate their next project. Sirens start approaching, getting louder. Both Charles and Oliver get a text from an unknown number that tells them to get out of the building.

Charles and Oliver rush to Mabel's apartment. They find Mabel covered in blood, hunched over the body of Bunny, stabbed in the heart with a knitting needle. The police rush in.

Oliver, Mabel, and Charles are led away in handcuffs. Detective Williams warns them not to talk. The tenants, the Arconiacs, Oscar and his father, even Cinda and her assistant are all there to watch. 

Only Murders In the Building
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