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Piper has a change in status and Soso's hunger strike attracts more attention, taking on religious overtones.

Superstorm Wanda is bringing in a whopper of a storm.

The hunger strikers have a couple of new members, including Leanne and Angie. They haven't even handed in their demands yet.

It's Sister Ingalls' flashback. She was so very young at the time of joining.

Figueroa is trying to connect Daya's "rape" with a concert she's giving for her husband that will bring good PR to the prison. Sarcasm.

Daya continues her own private revolt against Bennett.

Vee corners Poussey in the library. Poussey doesn't back down.

Piper takes the paper to Healy. He's pleased with his ad for Safe Place. So much so that he didn't read the paper to see the demands from the hunger strikers. Healy signs off on adding Vause to her call list. She adds "Grateful" to the feelings jar.

Red goes nuts when she thinks one of her friends sold her out. She calls someone a Judas and Nicky asks if she thinks she's Jesus.

Caputo learns about the Hunger Strike for the first time via the newsletter. Sister Ingalls joins the strike just as Caputo asks about demands because she's angry about the compassionate release of Jimmy.

Sister Ingalls as a young nun only finds out she did wrong by attempting the rally after she went.

Black Cindy is spouting her mouth off about Watson in SHU just as she gets back. Vee says she's going to take care of her now. When Penn drops by with Safe Place sign up sheets, Watson considers it, but Crazy Eyes suggests she join so she can spy.

We're forced to suffer through Larry and Poppy crap. There couldn't be a more boring story to tell than the talk of Lappy or Porry.

Daya just realizes she's so f*cking stupid and that it will never work with Bennett. She's upset people know she's pregnant.

Piper realizes she's the only one who ended up in prison after everything. Piper is worried about Alex's safety. The garbage man in her building tells her some Arab guys or dusky gentlemen have been looking for her.

Healy gets a good number of people at his group. Poussey was almost able to talk about what happened to her, but Suzanne came in to the group late stifling what she had to say.

Sister Ingalls was still an activist years into her life and she was even spraying fake blood for photo ops.

Yoga welcomes Watson back and tells her about the hunger strike.

Red and Nicky confront Boo. They smell a rat. The last favor Red ever does for Boo is to give her a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Boo calls Red a joke because she uses candy and skin care products.

Fig walks into the break room, confiscates the paper and markers and tells Piper she can't do the newsletter anymore.

Sister Ingalls wrote a book "Nuns Shall Pass" and used the protest to coincide with her book release. She's kicked out of the church because of her book and antics.

Tazlitz says she should kill the bitch. Vee, that is.

Vee goes psycho at Taystee for defending Poussey. If anything else happens, it's on Taystee.

With the storm coming, there's no interest in the hunger strike. Ingalls is wheeled away in a wheel chair after she gets a bit of dementia.

Piper finds out she's being transferred. She and 12 others are on a list to go to West Virginia. It's a random thing. 

Vee turns Boo away because she doesn't like snitches. 

Taslitz goes to kill Vee but kills the wrong black lady with similar hair.

Caputo makes the decision to feed Ingalls even though she's not unconscious.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

This shameful sexual violation is really workin' out for ya, isn't it?


Leanne: Someone's cranky.
Yoga Jones: Excuse me. If someone hadn't just joined the strike this morning, they might be cranky, too.