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Gloria's back story is visited as she and Vee go head to head in a bathroom turf war at Litchfield.

It would have been really handy to have English subtitles for Gloria's scenes, but MY Netflix didn't have them so it was like watching an opera without the handbook.

The competition between Nicky and Boo continues. They have a list of names with scores for each.

Red has all the mature ladies helping her in the greenhouse.

Healy is still asking Red for help with his wife, but Red doesn't want to play along anymore. 

Piper gets visitors -- mom and Cal. They have news they need to share. Grandma's dying.

Caputo tells Gloria she's important, but replaceable. In her past, it looks like her boyfriend or husband beat her.

Nicky makes a play for Fischer. Ten points. While trying to get closer to her, Nicky gets the pointy end of Fischer's stick.

Healy tries to make things work with his wife by inviting her and her friend out together, but she turns him down.

Figueroa is busy with her husband's senate race while Caputo deals with the bathroom wars.

Bennett shows his favoritism for Daya when he roughs up a black chick after the Latinas give them salty dishes.

Gloria gets arrested for fraud -- likely food stamp fraud.

Healy goes to see Caputo's band, Sideboob. He loves a song about working in the mine, but it's a metaphor for one of his friend's vasectomy. Caputo really wants to keep the women safe and clean and he's pissed about what's going on with the bathrooms, especially since Figueroa is ignoring her duties.

After the conversation, Healy puts in Piper for a 3-day furlough.

Vee and Gloria come to some sort of agreement. 

Piper finally calls Larry and they say they miss each other.

Red confronts Gloria. Vee played her and she has no idea what she's done.

Flashback to Gloria's man stealing from her. He leaves his keys on the counter and gets locked into a room and burns, I suppose to death.




Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Pennsatucky: Hey! What are y'all playin'?
Nicky: A game as old as time.
Pennsatucky: Cool. What's it called?
Nicky: Exclusion.

You're slutty, not easy. There's a difference, semantically.