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Morello takes a detour on one of her van trips and Sophia give the ladies an anatomy lesson.

Morello is still holding out hope for her and Christopher. The true story about her life with Christopher is something else entirely!

Nicky and Big Boo wind up in competition for orgasms. Only one will win.

Chapman and Soso get assigned to their cubes. Piper bunks with Red.

Red tries to make up with her old friends, but winds up back with her new pack of mature pals. She finds something buried under the floorboards in the greenhouse.

Once she's back in the bunks, Piper starts to get her stuff back from everyone whole stole it. She lets Suzanne keep the photo of her and Larry and the beach.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I've seen some funky punany in my day. I'm not gonna leave that up to chance.


For the love of God girls, the whole is not inside the hole.