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The guards up the pressure in an attempt to find contraband and a big, lingering secret is revealed.

Piper's first time with Alex ends with Alex's girlfriend, Sylvie, punching Alex. 

When Piper gets back to Litchfield, she lies to Red and tells her that her place was doing great and there was a line.

Suzanne lost any ground she gained by hanging with Vee. Vee shoves Rosa out of her seat by allowing Suzanne to pour her drink over her food.

Sophia's son is coming for a visit and has given herself a haircut. It's his first time visiting.

Soso tries to gather people to join her in her hunger strike.

Flashback, Piper tells Alex if her girlfriend is her ex wife to tell her to back off, but she wants to taste what she tastes like.

Figueroa wants the inmate paper squashed. Caputo tells her her big rehire is a big bad baby daddy Daya's impending baby.

Healy's trip to the counselor doesn't go well. She criticizes him for marrying a Russian bride and asks if he really helps people.

When Poussey goes to Taystee about dealing, we learn Poussey is in for dealing weed.

One of Vee's girls gets caught with a tampon box full of cigarettes and goes to the SHU.

While searching bunks, Pornstache spots the card he sent to Daya and tells her she looks softer -- in a good way.

Since everything smells like poo, all the guards think the contraband is coming in through the rectal pipeline.

Pennsatucky thinks Healy fills out paperwork for the women who get shots. Healy wants her to pass out fliers about a support group he wants to start.

Vee wants the library. Poussey either works for Vee or requests a transfer. My heart breaks.

Fig and Caputo question Daya about her pregnancy. Whether it was consensual or not, it's still rape given the power situation. Daya admits that she lead Porn on, but it doesn't matter. His life is still ruined.

It's visiting day and Sophia sees Michael, Mike now, for the first time since she's been inside. 

Playing cards with her son seems to work bringing Sophia closer to him.

Fig runs into Andrew on his way out of the prison. She knows he was there to see Piper.

Morello gets a call for a visitor. 

Gina saw Nicky's bag of smack and wants her to take it to Red.

Morello's guest is Christopher. He's here to tell her he knows she broke into his house and if she ever does it again, he'll kill her with his bare hands. Christopher outs Morello as a stalker, saying she broke out. Morello is crying.

Morello comes clean with Nicky. If she gets caught, she'd get triple her sentence for felony escape. Nicky tells her she's totally batshit crazy, but she's beautiful and she loves her.

Vee and Suzanne push Piper off the phone, but there is another phone available. 

Daya wants Bennett to stand up in front of the world and say he loves her. 

Yoga tells Soso what she's doing is very brave. The offenders are not violent, but they're treated as if they are. Beside them Sister Ingalls puts down her muffin.

Pennsatucky is the only one who shows up for Healy's counseling session, despite his big sign saying "A Safe Place."

Polly goes to visit Piper. As Piper talks to Polly, she catches the clues about who slept with Larry.

Piper reminisces about Alex and punches her wall until her fist is bloody. Finding out about Larry and Polly is what prompts Piper to read Alex's letter.

Poussey reaches up into the library ceiling and gets some hooch. She starts chugging.

Vee starts poking around the greenhouse and finds some contraband. It smells like poo. She finds the grate, just as Red walks in behind her.

Vee says she doesn't want to take the grate, but to share. She tells Red to think about how much she changed over the years, projecting herself onto Red.

Nicky almost takes her smack, but gives it to Red instead. Nicky didn't let Red down, she did good by bringing it to her.

Poussey, drunk, screams at and then attacks Vee. Vee's dog, Suzanne roughs up Poussey good. Suzanne is well trained. With a quick nod of Vee's head Suzanne will attack and stop.

Piper calls Cal and gets his wife. She asks for a favor. There is a flaming bag of poo on Polly's doorstep.

Caputo fires Pornstache who is arrested on the scene.

Fig gets to give a good speech to the press while Stache is walked out. He stops in front of Daya, screaming that he loves her and will be back to take care of them both. The only real thing she wants from Bennett.



Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You can't walk home without your shoes. They're nice shoes.
Piper. They're from Marshall's. F*ck you.


Alex: What kind of a lesbian are you?
Piper: The boob-touching kind.