Bell finds an advertisement for new guards while at a bakery with O'Neill.

Pennsatucky brings in new inmates, Lolly is among them.

Alex and Piper talk about their work assignments while poking fun at Chang.

Flashback: Chang is brought to a marriage broker, but the prospective groom doesn't like  her, which displeases her brother.

As Judy King is arraigned on TV, Red and Gina discuss the drama class. Gloria wants to know if Red's family could give her son rides to the prison.

Poussey is excited to find out that Judy King has been arrested. Taystee comes clean about destroying the hooch.

In the garment factory, the women discuss the catalog. Piper shares a look with Stella. 

Lorna spins a tale about a jewel heist to her pen pal visitor.

The guards confront Caputo about the ad. He reassures them that he will work with MCC to help them.

Lolly wants a kosher meal. Chang makes a seemingly bizarre request. She uses corn chips and peas to make ethnic food. She eats alone outside.

Flashback: The shop isn't doing well, and Chang is volunteered by her brother to retrieve a shipment of gallbladders that has been held up by police presence. 

In the factory, the women discuss race and beauty standards. Piper defends herself to Stella.

Lorna meets with another pen pal and tells a slightly different story.

Red visits Healy, and tells him the truth of how the power dynamic of their relationship affects everything.

Caputo and Pearson go over the pros and cons of the new guard schedules. Pearson appeases Caputo by giving him an allusion of power. 

Lolly explains about the kosher meals, and Lorna explains about her pen pal scheme. A discussion on the ethics of Whispers ensues.

Chang wanders the prison grounds, collecting food and a smart phone from hiding places before taking a break in the shed.

Flashback: When a supplier tries to cheat them, Chang saves her partner's life by whacking the supplier with a tire iron.

Caputo is unimpressed with the new applicants. Healy shows Caputo his support, and asks to have Red transferred to the kitchen.

Piper tries to improve efficiency and is shot down. 

Gloria visits the salon and is please to find out that Sofia's ex-wife may be able to give her son rides to the prison.

Lorna meets with another penpal, but she gets them mixed up. She ends making a real connection with him instead.

The drama class preforms Gina's work. Chang volunteers to be next.

Flashback: Chang has Fu and the other abduct and beat the man who rejected her.

The scene is reenacted in the drama class. Most people are horrified. Chang claims it wasn't real.

Poussey is upset with Taystee, who is concerned over the amount Poussey is drinking. Poussey realizes she is lonely.

O'Neill sees the donut shop guy leaving Caputo's office and is upset.

Piper stole a pair of panties and apologizes to Chang for her earlier behavior.

Flashback: Chang orders Fu to take out the mans gallbladder.

Red returns to the kitchen.




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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

'Cause if you were a Christian, you could tell everybody what to do, and then they'd do it so they don't hurt your feelings, because that's against the law.


No, in your heart of hearts, you know as well as I do, red velvet is bullsh*t. It tastes like Play-Doh. It is not velvety. And the only thing that's good about it is the cream cheese frosting, which is mean to live on top of carrot cake, like God intended.