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A bunch of the inmates look to Norma for spiritual guidance and healing. Red thinks everyone is acting crazy around Norma. She begins to boss her around again. Norma walks out on Red and meets with her followers.

In various flashbacks, Norma’s past is revealed. When she was young, she joined a cult and eventually married the leader. They spent years together and she eventually killed him by pushing him off a cliff.

The new guards are not being trained properly, which infuriates Caputo. Bayley ends up pepper spraying some inmates as well as himself. Caputo begins to realize he doesn’t have the kind of power he wants now that the MCC is involved.

Gloria is unhappy Red is back in the kitchen. Sophia thinks Gloria’s son is a bad influence on his boy. Sophia confronts Gloria about her son. Gloria melts down in front of Caputo and she quits. Caputo gives Red back her old job. Red is horrified when Caputo comes in saying the kitchen will now be serving prepackaged foods.

Crazy Eyes writes an erotic story set in space that gets Poussey hooked.

Piper comes up with an idea to use extra panties she made and have the inmates wear them and then sell them to guys who like sniffing used panties. Piper gets her brother involved so he can sell them on the outside.

Some of the inmates who have been pretending to be Jewish in order get the Kosher meals worry they will be tested on being Jewish.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

We have captive women, and we have underwear. All we need to do is recruit a bunch of girls with super stinky tutus, and then figure out a way to get the used goods out there to the freaks who want them.


I'm going for the Jewish experience. You feel me? Get all cultural on them, should be mad convincing. Man, I need some, likeā€¦ Seinfeld episodes. Oh! Ka-ching! Check it out! Woody fucking Allen. Now, that's some Jew shit right there.

Black Cindy