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Alex asks Red for help controlling Lolly before Frieda can kill her. When Red holds a group meeting, they all see just how crazy she is. When Lolly has a freak out, the guards want to put her in psych, but Healy steps in to take over her counseling. 

We see flashbacks to Healy's past and how his mother had some sort of mental illness. When she abandons the family, Healy turns to therapy to try to help others, but he continues to lack self-awareness when trying to start a relationship with someone he is helping. He finds a homeless woman he believes is his mother, but she ends up just being a random homeless woman. 

In the present, Healy thinks he knows what's best for Judy and that's for her to teach a cooking class. When she tries to object, he tells her she has to teach it. After a successful first class, Caputo tells Healy that Judy doesn't want him as her counselor anymore.

Piper discovers Maria is starting a prison panties operation as well. She tries to reason with her, but Maria doesn't back down.

Sophia floods her cell and sets the bed on fire in order to get Caputo's attention and to get her out of her cell.

Doggett tells Coates that what he did to her was rape. He seems surprised by this declaration.

Aleida leanrns she is getting early release. She confides in Gloria about how she will fail on the outside, but Gloria gives her a tough love talk about not giving up. Aleida tells Daya about her release. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Frieda: I slept on it like you said, took a nice cold shower, did some of those breathing exercises.
Alex: And?
Frieda: I still think we should kill her.

Red: Poison is beneath you, Frieda. It's for witches and bored housewives, not badass biker chicks with octopus tattoos.
Frieda: What can I say? I'm gettin' old.