Honoring Gwen - Ordinary Joe
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It's May 2011, and Gwen asks that City Conservatory professor for an audition for Joe since she can't lose another one to the cop world.

In the present, Gwen is preparing for her 20th-anniversary tribute concert, and Amy visits Cop Joe after his accident. She wants him to promise he won't run into a burning building again.

Dr. Banks tells Amy and Ray that the curvature of Lucas's spine has worsened, and he needs surgery. It would be best if it came from a blood relative. Jenny says they need to tell Joe.

Nurse Joe and Jenny have a difficult time saying goodbye.

Gwen worries about Rockstar Joe and Amy's marriage. While she's there, Jenny calls, saying that Zeek wants to meet them.

Kinsley sold a bunch of adaptive zippered pants like the ones Nurse Joe made Chris. Now he has to make 36 more pairs.

Zayla offered Amy a spot on a podcast, and she's helping Amy in her campaign.

Amy was supportive of Rockstar Joe meeting Zeek and suggested they have Jenny and Darren over for dinner.

That was an awkward dinner. Darren was bitter about finding out so late and thought it was good song material.

Cop Joe met with Ray and Jenny and found out he had a son who needed his help.

Gwen had a crush on that music professor named James. Kinsley encourages her to ask him out officially. Kinsley is getting more involved with the family and encourages Chris when he's nervous about singing at Gwen's tribute.

Barret takes Jenny out when she struggles to balance her work and family life.

Joe and Jenny meet Zeek, who inquires why they gave him up.

The concert for Gwen is shown in all three timelines with Joe honoring his mom.

Amy tells Joe she's pregnant.




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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

It’s time to tell Joe the truth about Lucas. We have to.


Gwen: This is about my son.
Professor: So your boy has dreams of playing Lincoln Center one day?
Gwen: He can’t become a cop. I can’t lose another one. Can you get him in for an audition?