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Jenny happens upon the fellow holding a gun to Jamie's head. It's Taran MacQuarrie from the Watch.

Jamie is disgusted Jenny and Ian have welcomed the Watch to their home, but he hardly had a lot to say about it.

The watchman is wondering why he and Ian have exchanged so many war stories and they've never spoken about Jamie before. Jenny's sure if it wasn't for the drink, he'd remember.

When Jamie insults one of the Watch's men's he sets a cart on fire. Jamie gets angry and says they should be thanking the family for what they offer, not setting their things on fire and pistols are drawn. MacQuarrie asks Jamie to join him because he could use a warrior. 

When the get back to the house, Jamie comes face to face with Mr. Horrocks. He almost turns him in, but decides against it, winking at him instead. 

Jenny and Claire do the washing and talk about Ian's being like a brother to Jamie after their own died of smallpox. Jenny's water breaks and Claire realizes that the baby is breech. Jenny takes it awfully well. Claire attempts to manipulate it from outside the womb. It doesn't work.

Horrocks realizes all he sees is Jamie's. He thinks both Jenny and Claire are bonny. Horrocks wants to sail to Boston. He needs money to do it. Jamie's money.

Claire asks Jenny to tell her about being pregnant. As Jenny explains her experiences, Claire stares off wistfully. Claire decides to guide the baby out and deliver.

Ian and Jamie argue a bit about and Ian admits he doesn't mind MacQuarrie, especially because he reminds Ian of Jamie, in addition to the good conversation and that he'll fight the red coats.

Ian wants Jamie to use some of the money he inherited to pay off Horrocks. Jamie doesn't want to use it. He thinks he let Claire down. Claire disagrees, taking the blame. She doesn't think she can have children. She was unsuccessful with Frank. He supposes it's for the best. He couldn't stand it if something went wrong.

Of course, Horrocks isn't pleased with the money and blackmails Jamie further. Horrocks may not have been drunk enough to fall down, but he was too drunk hear a one legged man walk up behind him in the woods. Ian kills him before Jamie can shoot. Ian is so shaken he can barely wipe the blood off before sheathing his sword.

MacQuarrie gives them extra gold for using more of the hay than usual. Then they ask after Horrocks, saying he better turn up. The next morning, MacQuarrie comes straight out and asks why he was killed. Jamie says he's a wanted man with a price on his head for 10 pounds sterling. Horrocks knew it so he ran him threw. MacQuarrie's reply? Good! He never liked the Iris bastard and can't think of anyone who needed killing more than him.

The price for killing Horrocks is joining the Watch. Just this once, Jamie will go. Ian insists on going along. 

Jamie walks away from Claire in slow motion. That's never a good sign.

While Jenny was screaming an agony to delivery her baby, Jamie suddenly realized they'd been set up by Horrocks and his being there was truly terrible. The redcoats surround them and they're all captured.

Margaret Ellen Marie was born but it will likely be some time before Ian or Jamie sees wee Maggie.

Jenny gives to Claire a set of what appear to be bracelets cut from tusks. They belonged to her mother who received them as a wedding gift from an admirer. Jenny said her mother was tall and queenly like Claire. Claire kisses Jenny on the cheek, who is flustered.

Ian comes up the road, without his horse or leg. MacQuarrie was injured and Jamie wouldn't leave him behind so he was captured by the redcoats. Oh God.


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Outlander Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Lallybroch is the one place I thought we'd be safe. We should never have come home.


Jamie: This family has taken ye in, has given ye food and shelter and ye might want to show some gratitude!
Man: You might want to remember who has the pistol.