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Claire wakes up, she's no longer in the past, but the future. Living the life she no longer wanted to live. The world she left only moments ago was now dust.

A driver pulls up behind her on the road, and Claire begs to know what year it is (1948) and who won the Battle of Killarden. A very flustered man tells her. The British. Claire falls to pieces before him.

Frank arrives at the hospital at Inverness. He goes into her room. She tells whoever enters to shut off the radio. It's so noisy there. Then she recognizes it's Frank. When he goes near her, she flinches. It's not you, she says. He's asked for the Reverend to prepare some rooms for the duration of her convalescence. She wants to know if Mrs. Graham is still in his employ. She wants to speak with her and she'll need some clothes. Frank notices what she was wearing.

A Mr. Atkins studied the clothes Claire had. It's an incredibly valuable authentic representation of 18th century Scottish clothing. She couldn't have just walked into a shop and purchase it. They cannot figure out where she could have gotten it.

The press wonders if Claire was kidnapped by the faeries.

Claire has been sharing her memories with Mrs. Graham. Mrs. Graham notes that when Claire talks about him, she almost always mentions his fine sense of humor and his smile and his hair. Claire is having the hardest time with the fact Jamie is dead and buried, having been so for the last two centuries.

Mrs. Graham counsels Claire to treasure her past, but embrace the present, as hard as it will be to do.

Claire decides to ask Frank into her room to talk. She wants to tell him what happened, and he assures her she doesn't have to. She wants to continue, at her own pace. He can save any questions for the end. She begins when she went back to look for the flower by the stones.

It's dawn, and Frank is putting another log on the fire. Claire knows it must sound as if she's gone mad. But Frank picks up the bustier.

It's quite the leap of faith, but it one he's prepared to make. She thinks he's patronizing her. She expects his rational educated side to fight against everything she said. But Frank needs her to know what he felt like when she disappeared. He wanted to be filled with hatred, rage. But he couldn't, even when others believed she left and tried to get him to believe it as well.

Everything she told him tonight confirms she didn't leave of her own volition. At least that much is true. He will not tell her he understands how she felt about Jamie, but he accepts that she did have them, and that leaving him behind has broken her heart. He loves her unconditionally. He said that once and he means it still. Nothing she can ever say will change the way he feels about her.

Then she says she's pregnant. He's ecstatic for a moment, and realizes it's not his, but Jamie's. He rears up and almost hits her. His fist of rage cocked and ready. He shows more restraint than his ancestor. And you have to wonder why Claire would tell him at that very moment, when he had spilled his guts and shared his own deepest feelings with Claire, that she would so ruthlessly deny him of even being a caring man.

Frank damages the basement and cries.

The Reverend asks Frank if he believes Claire that Jamie is dead. Frank does. He wanted a child and was gutted when he realized he couldn't. So when he heard Claire say she was pregnant, it was utter joy he felt. And then he realized...the child isn't his. But after thinking about it, he wants to be with Claire and to have a life with her.

Frank goes to Claire. They make a deal. He asks that she stop looking for clues of Jamie and the life they led. She accepts on Jamie's behalf, not his. I have to wonder if that's something he notices and also whether Claire told Frank about Black Jack Randall.

Burning the clothes was perhaps not the brightest of ideas.

They arrive in New York City on their way to Boston so Frank can take the Harvard job. When she reaches out to get take Frank's hand, the setting changes.

She's taking Jamie's hand and they're coming off of the ship. They've arrived in Le Havre, France.

Claire wants to stop the Jacobite uprising before before it can ever get to Scotland. Since we already saw the scenes, we know that what's to come after won't be accomplished? I'm kind of confused...

Jamie's key into the Jacobites? His scars.

While Claire is suffering from morning sickness and strolling along the docks, she notices a body being taken off of a ship. She goes to investigate. He has the pox. She can't get it because she's vaccinated. Others, however, are in trouble.

Claire wants to set up a quarantine. The mean fellow? His ship needs to be destroyed along with his cargo. It seems Claire has just made an enemy. He says they will both pay.

Lord and Lady Broch Tuarach are just passing through, guests of cousin Fraser.


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Outlander Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You have had an extraordinary adventure, Claire. Extraordinary. One that few people could even imagine. Treasure it. Keep it safe and secure, tucked away in some special place in your heart. Don't spend the rest of your days chasing a ghost, not when there's a man, a real, flesh and blood living man, who loves you still with all his heart.

Mrs. Graham

Oh. Frank. Hello. I'm back.