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Jamie gets 10,000 acres of land from the king by grant of Governor Tryon. The dude is not keen on citizens' disorderly conduct and nonpayment of taxes.

Apparently, he's speaking about the "savages" who haven't decided to take to the new ways of the land, or at least that's what I ascertain when Tryon compares Highlanders to the natives of the land. How very rude of him.

Fergus' wife is scared to be alone in the Americas without her mother in her state. She's happy that she has Claire's expertise at hand to get her through the tough times if she needs it, though.

Everyone says their goodbyes.

Seeing them off, Claire worries that she was wrong to leave Brianna on her own because she won't be there for her or Brianna's children. Jamie counters with how he recalled Claire's face and words when she was gone from him. Sweet, but hardly the same.

It's time for another green screen view of Fraser's Ridge. Claire notes it could be a painting and isn't that just funny?

As Jamie, Claire, and Ian post out the borders of their land, she shares with him the lyrics and melody of America but won't go as far as to sing it for him. 

They find a big pile of poo and Claire begins to tell of all of the predators that could be in the woods other than the raccoons he's herd of. There are no such animals in the UK, which I find absolutely fascinating.

Instead of the four-legged predators, they're soon faced with other natives to the lands, those holding weapons.

As Jamie approaches, he drops his knife and gives his name. The natives do not answer in kind but turn away scowling.

Meanwhile, back in the future, Roger is talking to a fellow professor while his mind is elsewhere. He pulls the gift he received from Brianna out of his desk, looks at the drawing they had done at the fair, and discovers a drawing inside that notes Frasers Ridge being settled in the 1770s.

In the past, Ian finds an arrowhead.

Jamie is staking off the buildings and explaining them to Claire when Ian comes running up with savages behind him. They're delivering his stakes from the land. 

Roger has documents from Fraser's Ridge. He's tickled and calls Brianna. 

Claire suggests they move away from the shared border of their property. Now she's worried that the skull she found wasn't a path TO the property, but a warning away from it.

The Cherokee arrived in the middle of the night and scared the hell out of everyone. But it was under the darkness of night, so where were they? When Finley comes limping up to camp, it's quite disturbing. 

Life goes on, but the Indians and the bear keep messing with things. Rollo goes out to the land and finds Myers, who is saying things, not in English. He seems to be saying exactly what the Indian healer is saying over at their camp.

Jamie takes off (without a coat) to look for the bear. He finds a human, and the human is doing exactly what the Indians want it to do.

The Indians are OK with Jamie having killed the guy who raped his wife, lost his mind, and went into the woods. He kept returning to the group and destroying property, but they couldn't do anything to him because it wasn't their way.

Jamie is now called Bear Killer and everybody gets along well because he did what they couldn't.

The Indian healer had a dream about Claire. She says Claire should not be troubled. Death will not be her fault. Claire doesn't understand.

Roger talks about stuff and the woman knows Claire went back in time through the stones. The walls aren't made of it, you know.

Roger discovers Claire and Jamie are going to die on a specific date. He can't tell her. He doesn't want to break her heart. 21st of January on some date during the 12 years after receiving their land, they perish. They've been dead, no matter what. Roger doesn't know what do to. Fi thinks Brianna should know.

Once they have two layers of wood up, Jamie carries Claire over the threshold. They're very happy, so you know bad things are coming.

Roger decides to tell Brianna about their deaths, and he discovers she's taken a trip abroad. She's going to go through the stones! Nooooooo!

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Christ. That pole's crooked. The shed will be too. Canna have a crooked shed.


Claire: Is that a cabin I see before me?
James: That it is, aye, unless you want to live under grass and moss for the end of your days.