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Brianna returns to her room bloodied. Lizzy wonders if she was with that man, giving the girl the wrong impression.

When she offers help, Brianna painfully shrugs off her touch, dropping her skirt to reveal blood between her thighs.

Roger arrives at the boarding house where Brianna is staying in the morning to find a very wily Bonnet. Bonnet wants Roger to remain with the crew, and he's also laughing with the rest of the crew about Roger's "lass."

He threaten's Roger's limbs should he decide not to sail with them to Philadelphia.

Brianna wants to go to Auntie Jocasta's house to find her way to Fraser's Ridge. She's sick when she discovers the Glorianna left with morning tide, Roger on board.

Brianna confuses the entire situation, removing the bracelet from Roger, repeating the inscription with "not at all" the most important.

Lizzy discovers Claire and Jamie are in town, and Brianna finds her father peeing in the alley way.

Claire and Brianna get caught up. Claire can't believe Roger sailed back to Scotland over one argument. He didn't of course.

Lizzy falls for Ian.

Ian tells Brianna about Stephen Bonnet and their last boat ride and about stealing Claire's wedding ring. Needless to say, she freaks a bit.

Jamie, too, is angry this "Roger" left her alone.

Jamie and Claire talk about the possibility of burning to death. They decide to make a holiday out of never being in the cabin Sunday, January 21st.

When they get to the picturesque spot near Fraser's Ridge everyone looks at, Brianna was reminded of Daniel Boone. Then she realized he is alive now.

When they get to the cabin, Jamie introduces Murtagh to Brianna.

Brianna has news of Ian's home, too, so that's nice.

Brianna tells Claire that Frank knew her mother eventually went back to Jamie. Brianna isn't quite herself, and doesn't know how to tell her mother about what happened to her. She is also still under the impression Roger is gone.

Roger is really making his way off the ship right now. He's asking for one or two of the small gems for his wages, unaware they belong to the Frasers.

Brianna tells Jamie a little bit about Frank, that he and Brianna used to go camping and Frank taught her to shoot.

Brianna mentioned she's called Bree, and everyone snickered. It means a disturbance, among other things. Claire thinks Jamie and Brianna should go hunting so they have time to spend together and Brianna stops thinking of Roger.

Brianna is sleeping with a smile on her face when Jamie wakes her. They're hunting bees. Jamie means to move them closer to the house. She says they already have a home, and that triggers a discussion about Frank and how much Jamie appreciates what he did for his loves.

Jamie has regrets, but he also loves the opportunity he is getting now to spend time with Brianna.

Lizzy catches Brianna in the morning crying outside the shelter. Brianna keeps having bad dreams. Brianna looks back at the tree by which she was just standing, hands on her stomach.

Later with Claire, Brianna is happy when her mom pushes her to talk. Brianna admits she is pregnant and also that it might not be Roger's baby. that surprises her mother quite a bit. When she tells Claire the rest of the story, it's even worse.

Brianna says she didn't fight him hard enough as she cries into her mother's shoulder. That's not how I remember it. Brianna tells Claire Roger used the withdrawal method of contraception on the same night as the rape.

Claire later goes to Jamie to talk about Brianna. Jamie's first thought is that she wants to leave. The news of the rape and pregnancy aren't nearly bad enough. Roger appears, and Lizzy still thinks he's who raped Brianna.

At the same time, Claire finds her wedding ring while gathering Brianna and Lizzy's laundry. Lizzy and Ian are sharing with Jamie the story of who raped Brianna.

Jamie marches up to a kind Roger and beats the bejesus out of him.

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Limb or lass, Mr. MacKenzie?


Lizzy: Did he hurt you?
Brianna: Lizzy, please.
Lizzy: You have my hand here, and my ear if you need it.
Brianna: Lizzy, please go to sleep.