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No one can prepare to face family at the time of war, Claire says as the scene picks up with Roger singing to Jemmy.

Brianna and Jemmy are staying in Hillsboro, so they're as close to Roger as possible. Brianna remarks that back home, they'd be filling lunch boxes and sending him off to work. Now she's sending him off to war.

Roger wonders if he'll even make it back alive. Roger hopes Tryon will come to his senses and come to peace with the regulators.

Brianna begins wringing her hands as soon as the door closes behind Roger.

Claire and Jamie are in a tent with the troops. It's Jamie's birthday. It's his 50th birthday. Hahahaha.

With their thousand plus men and heavy artillery, Jamie worries that they're going to overwhelm the Regulators. Nobody cares, and that's the point.

Roger arrives late and is greeted without a smile.

The married guy who ran off with the pregnant girl shows up to help, and the girl's father doesn't take it well.

Jamie has to remind two young soldiers that war is killing.

Reverend Caldwell arrives on the field with an attempt to settle the matter without bloodshed.

Tryon will not be trifled with. He prepares to move forward against the Regulators.

When Brianna sees a map of where the battle is taking place, she recalls the name and something happening there. Within minutes, she's on horseback.

Jamie is bare-chested in the water praying to Dougal.

Bree arrives to warn them about the creek. She brings news that the militia will win. Some people consider this to be the spark of the American Revolution, Brianna learned in school.

Murtagh is leading his people with a moving speech about Tryon's blood, soaking this ground when Roger arrives. It's going to be hard to turn the tide on this one.

Murtagh wants to play the numbers game with farmers and their hearts of lions. Roger tells him history has been written, but Murtagh doesn't know how he could tell them they won't fight now.

Tryon's letter is an affront to the Regulators.

Murtagh tries to convince his men, but they won't turn back now. Roger begs for Murtagh to leave and save himself.

Roger runs into someone named Mrs. Mackenzie, who he knows from earlier and saved from Stephen Bonnet. Her husband is one of the Regulators. He wants her to tell her husband that they need to leave and go home. But they have no home to go to. Roger says if anything happens, he can go to Fraser's Ridge and she'll be cared for.

Her husband wanders up and warns him away from his wife at the same time Jamie is storming around the camp looking for Roger.

Tryon has created a suit of red for one of his most valued officers. And Jamie has no choice but to don it.

Hugs are obviously frowned upon in those times. When things get heated, Roger throws a punch and wrestles the other guy before getting pummelled a few times in the stomach.

When Roger is revealed to be with the militia, he tries to say he'd not speak against the guy, but he gets a rifle muzzle to the face instead.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ is the only reaction Claire can muster when she sees Jamie decked out in red.

They give heartfelt goodbyes.

Jamie tells his men they're not here to kill their brothers but to put an end to it before it gets too bad. Upon the first few cannons, the men start dropping. First line, fire, Tyron says. And the man cannot.

Until they do. Gosh. This is hard to watch.

The Regulators retreat and the soldiers charge after them.

A lot of men are getting shot in the back on both sides.

But now it's kill or be killed. Fight as they do, Jamie tells his men.

Brianna is worried about Roger.

Claire is already attending to the injured. Morton wasn't running away when he was felled. He was shot in the back. In retaliation, the guy smacks Claire's syringe out of her hand and crushes it on the ground. She's desolate.

The fighting continues with the redcoats killing and maiming men and dragging them by horses.

One muzzle to the face after another.

Jamie comes close to getting killed for wearing that coat when Murtagh saves him. But it's one of Jamie's men who kills Murtagh.

Murtagh falls into Jamie's arms. It's bad. Very bad.

Awww. Murtagh is dead, and it was Jamie's own words that caused it. Do not waver.

Jamie screams for help, confusing his men who know Murtagh is dead. But Jamie is bereft. He wants to take him to Claire. All will be well, Jamie says.

By the time they arrive, Murtagh is already grey. Jamie is asking her to do what she must. Heal him. There's nothing she can do.

I imagine this is a scene that will play across the Revolutionary War and then the Civil War.

Tryon wants to celebrate. Jamie wonders how a slaughter of innocent men is cause to celebrate. You brought cannon upon your own citizens, Jamie says. Their conversation gets very heated ending in Jamie dropping the red coat on the ground.

Roger still isn't back. Everyone heads out to find him.

Men are hanging from trees. Tryon ordered the Regulator captives to be put to death.

They find a man dressed as Roger hanging fully believing it is Roger. Jamie begins to pull the man down while the scene fades to black.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

As for taking stock. I have all my teeth, none of my parts are missing, and my cock still stands up by itself in the morning. Could be worse.


Jamie: It has struck me that I have now lived longer than my father did. This is a morning he never saw. Died when he was 49.
Claire: I'm sure he'd be happy to know you are alive with children and grandchildren that love you.
Jamie: Aye. Agree. The world and each day in it is a gift. Whatever tomorrow brings, I'm grateful to see it.