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In 1726, Jocasta was traveling by stage when they're pulled over by the redcoats.

She's traveling with a man named Samuel Torrington. Jocasta is his wife, and she's also with her daughter.

Jocasta still has her sight. When her daughter gets stuck in the mud, a soldier spots a case under the carriage. They're outed as Jacobites. Jocasta's daughter is shot right before her eyes.

They escape but without the body of their daughter, seemingly named Lorna. Someone brings her a gift fo lavender. It seems to be the man she's to marry. On the sachet is the MacKenzie motto.

Mr. Ennis is trying to capture her affections with his little gift, but she brushes him off.

Happiness doesn't come into her marriage. Perhaps a wee bit of peace in time.

Jamie is visiting.

Jocasta is signing the document that will leave her home to Jemmy.

Jemmy has a wee sniffle. Roger and Brianna wish they had a box of tissues or some baby aspirin. They didn't go to the wedding because of Jemmy's illness.

Roger didn't go because Jocasta insulted him at their wedding.

The kitten delivers them a "gift" that suggests that they're about to be overcome with grasshoppers.

Jamie wishes it were Murtagh at Jocasta's side and not Mr. Ennis.

Claire wants him to try and enjoy the day for Jocasta's sake.

Oh lookie! It's Lord John!

All the girls are trying to secure an advantageous match with Lord John.

The Governor is there, called His Excellency and, per Tryon, Her Excellency, as well.

Quincy Arbuckle is a self-righteous pillock at the wedding. A judge laments that everyone in his presence becomes a moral philosopher.

Tryon has forbidden male gatherings of ten or more men to keep them from turning on the government.

Her Excellency takes Claire away to talk lady stuff.

The swarm is going to be here in a day. They need to burn Master Fraser's field and be done with it, a citizen says.

Roger takes control of the situation admirably. Are they willing to take the chance of changing winds that could set all of their homes ablaze?

Roger, unfortunately, has no answer to what they SHOULD do, but only thoughts on what they should not.

A powdery man arrives, and the ladies gossip about him. The guy lost his fortune to gambling and houses of ill repute. He's making a beeline right for Claire. Her Excellency wants to drive him off.

Claire looks terrific.

A couple of women are chatting about Dr. Rollins. They wonder why anyone wouldn't want to have a child. Claire suggests someone who cannot afford to feed an infinite number of blessings.

Powdery Wiley sneaks up calling Claire a most welcome ornament at the affair.

Her Excellency pulls Claire away.

Roger remembers something from history. They used smoke to keep the locusts from landing.

The Riot Act doesn't just prohibit men from gathering but allows Tryon to indict anyone who was even seen near a riot in the past. He considers it delayed justice.

Tryon can discipline anyone who doesn't submit.

Tryon has been offered the governorship. I thought he already was governor.

Jamie suggests men are sometimes lawless but not entirely godless.

Tryon promises mercy if the men choose it.

Roger is making smudge pots with dung and oil.

He doesn't know how he's going to push the smoke out over the field. Brianna sees the sheets hanging and has an idea.

Anyone who has seen a movie knows how it's done from that movie about grapevines.

Wiley corners Claire again. He's keeping her from passing.

He chats with her about his connections in smuggling, and Claire senses he might be talking about Bonnet. She has something that may be of interest to him.

He tastes some liquor and thinks it's sinful. Her husband makes it, she says. Wiley wonders which husband is Claires, silver, or gold, referencing her two wedding rings. Wiley believes her husband must be an extraordinary woman.

They toast to love.

She wants to ask Wiley about the associate. Does he know of a way of circumventing certain financial inconveniences? Claire wonders about the whiskey venture taking on a partner.

That's when he drops the name Bonnet and warns her away from him for his notoriously bitter temper. Claire suggests she work only with Wiley and the two of them deal with the profits.

Jamie rescues Claire from getting ravaged by the dandy.

At Fraser's Ridge, they're smoking out the locusts.

Jamie confronts Wiley. He can't kill a man at his auntie's wedding. So they'll have to settle it another way.

Jamie wonders if he's acquainted with the governor's wife, who isn't known for her discretion. Jamie's happy to start spreading the news.

Jamie wants to use the current situation to get Bonnet once and for all.

Wiley wants Frank's ring. Jamie wants to wager it against the horse in a game with Wiley.

I'm not sure what his plans are. It's confusing.

Claire offers Jamie both rings and walks away.

The crisis was averted. The locusts didn't land. They lost some beans, but the cornfield was saved.

Mr. Lindsey admits that Roger was right and thanks him for his input.

Jocasta has a late visitor for her wedding with a gift for her. It's Murtagh.

He asks her to wait for him, and while their words are getting heated, she's practically grinning. He never thought Jocasta would say yet to Ennis.

Jocasta cannot give her heart to Murtagh because he's willing to lose everything to do what he believes in.

Jamie won his wager and returns with Claire's rings. Claire is angry that Jamie allowed his hatred of Bonnet to come between them. Their passionate argument gets them in the mood for sex in a rapey scenario they really dig.

Bonnet learns that "his soon" is now the proud owner of River Run.

Tryon is displeased that no Regulators threw themselves at the mercy of the courts. Not one man.

They prepare for war.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Tryon: As I said to you when you first arrived on these shores, Mr. Fraser, there is the law...
Jamie: And there is what is done.

There we have it. River Run has a new master.