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Hank helps Amber deal with a difficult issue while Kristina moves ahead with the charter school.

Amber is impressed with how Hank deals with Max when he has a break down.

Crosby tries to get Joel's help with his hardwood floors.

Drew makes an ass out of himself with Natalie in the dorm common space.

The charter group goes to see a space and Julia is awkward around Mr. Knight when he hugs her hello and later when Kristina takes a 4-person selfie.

Kristina gets a call from her cancer buddy's sister. Gwen is going downhill and it's time to go see her.

Julia tells Sarah she slept with Evan and she feels weird, especially because she's in love with Joel and has only slept with a few people.

Peet tells Joel to help Crosby because he's a family man. It's obvious because he hasn't responded to her, despite enough signals.

Hank runs into Sarah at school at wants to talk about feelings.

Julia breaks down when talking to Gwen and it makes sense that she will name the school after her.

Julia sends mixed signals to Evan when she tells him she got ahead of himself, he's disappointed says they were just having fun and she says she was not just having fun -- she was breaking free.

When Gwen dies, Kristina feels guilty that she survived and Gwen didn't. 

When Amber gets a call that Ryan was in an accident in San Diego, Hank decides to drive her so she's safe. It takes seven and a half hours to drive to San Diego from Berkeley.

Kristina goes to Bob Little to try to get the building she wants. 

Joel asks Crosby how Julia is doing with the sale of the house.

Sarah shows up at the hospital to greet Hank and Sarah who both still know nothing about Ryan.

Joel shows up at his old home to fix the dishwasher, but she's already fixed it. He asks how she's doing with the sale of the house and gets ready to go back to work.

Crosby and Jasmine move back in.

Kristina receives a posthumous gift and donation from Gwen and says they have the name of their school.

Amber heads in to visit Ryan.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Julia: I can count on one hand the guys I have slept with.
Sarah: One hand?

It's also spore free in there so feel free to take deep, deep breaths.