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Sarah gets a enticing offer while Hank realizes he still has feelings for an old flame. 

Carl asks Sarah to go with him to Africa. She accepts.

The realtor does a walkthrough with Zeek and Camille and Crosby gets crazy annoyed.

Julia has to work with Ed at Green Week at school and she refuses to pretend they can be friends.

Amber visits Drew at school and is shocked to learn a frat party starts at 10:30. 

Kristina gets a call about Max as she's ready to get her one year cancer checkup.

Julia and Ed try to pass off the plants Julia bought at the garden center as garden grown and the kids notice.

Sydney gets fussy about pajama day because her jammies are at home and she's supposed to sleep at Joel's but she doesn't want to sleep there because she hates the room and wants to sleep with her mom.

Sarah and Hank argue over who shot the cover photo and she tells him she'll be gone for a week. He gets upset and she reminds him she doesn't have to talk about personal matters.

Crosby makes the wrong move when he tells Camille that selling the house is selfish.

Kristina is shocked to learn that Mr. Knight's decision to take Max's chair away was actually done for his best interests and because it makes it easier for him to learn. He can move around and walk and interact with the class rather than sit and be frustrated.

When Mr. Knight learns about the charter school idea, he confesses he thinks parents start it for their own kid and lose interest when their kids move on.

Joel is angry that Julia acquiesced to Sydney's demands to stay at her place when the therapist said it was important to establish a routine. Joel decides he'll give Sydney the bad news and tells Julia to go away and she can drop the pajamas off later.

Max wants to work with Hank while Sarah is away, but Hank is distracted.

Natalie is fussy and confused about Drew now that Amy has come and gone. When she once wanted to be friends, now she seems unsure.

Hank sees the therapist and talks about Sarah. He tells him she's a coworker and they're just friends. 

Ed goes to Julia's to tell her she's sorry. It never occurred to him that it was his fault and he tells Julia that she's crazy if she truly thinks that's the truth.

Amber tells Drew she thinks they both need to make out with someone at the party.

Kristina starts talking about the school and Adam teases her that she finds Mr. Knight attractive.

Sarah is packing and Hank pounds on her window. Hank tells her he's disappointed in her because she's blowing off a great job opportunity for a guy. He thinks he sees a pattern of her putting a man before her own needs.

Camille lays into Zeek because she says he enlisted him to fight his battles.

Crosby and Jasmine are listening in and decide they need to get out of that house.

Amber tells Drew's roommate she needs to hook up with someone like, now, and he tries to kiss her. She freaks.

When Natalie learns Drew's a man on a mission she leaves the party.

Sarah has a "Year of Sarah" sticker in her bathroom and she decides Carl is a distraction. 

Kristina gets the all clear. She's a one year cancer survivor.

Crosby and Jasmine announce they're moving out and Camille says they're free to stay for as long as they like.

Julia goes to Ed's to apologize and take responsibility for her marriage. She stays for dinner.



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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

OK. Look, I'm sorry for comin' by and I'm sorry for whatever part I played in this, but if you honestly think that I'm the sole reason that you and Joel are having problems then you're fooling yourself. And if you really want your marriage back, you're going to have to dig a little deeper.


Julia: Thank God green week is over.
Ed: The environment is such a pain in the ass.
Julia: It really is.