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On this week's Parks and Recreation, degenerates are using the pit garden to grow marijuana! Or so it appears to Leslie, who wants to stake it out.

Her chosen stakeout partner? Tom Haverford. Perfect stakeout partner!

The night quickly unravels when Leslie notices, literally 50 feet away, Mark arriving at Ann’s house to pick her up for their date.

None too thrilled, she does what any self-respecting adult in the same situation would do: snaps pictures of them through a long lens.

Back at the office, Ron has been sitting immobilized for the entire day thanks to a hernia.

His only hope is intern April, who comes back later that night after a hunch convinces her that he’s still at his desk.

Their pairing is the most fun of the three, if for no other reason than these characters are so far the least well-known of the bunch.

What do we learn? That Ron is relentlessly stubborn (maybe we already knew that); April is more loyal, or at least kinder, than we thought; and that these two make a very dry comedic duo.

Leslie and Tom spot Andy in the pit, who claims not to be the pot grower. “I was just supposed to have a rock fight with some crazy guy!” he tells them.

Plus he’s there to “protect Ann.”

After devouring a candy necklace Leslie had brought on their stakeout, the night quickly takes a turn. Leslie and Andy leave to find food. Tom gets locked out of the van. Then Mark and Ann pull up.

They see what looks like a burglar. Then they call the cops.

The local cop arrests Tom Haverford for ... being a smart-ass, or something.

Leslie takes the lead in trying to get Tom out, and in the course of her loud defense, somehow entrances the local cop. He gives his opinion of Ms. Knope in his first monologue to the camera: “I was attracted to her in a sexual manner that was appropriate.”

Love is in the air!

Parks and Recreation
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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cop: What branch of government are you in?
Leslie: Parks and Recreation.
Cop: Parks and Recreation.
Leslie: Yes. Parks and recreation. Did I STUTTER?

April: I had to wait until my dad fell asleep so I could steal his keys. you ready?
Ron: I was born ready. I'm Ron F*%king Swanson.