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Eagleton and Pawnee combine towns in this episode. Everyone in the Parks department gets an Eagleton counterpart as Leslie tries to access who should stay and who should go. In the midst of this, Ann tells Leslie that her and Chris are more than likely going to leave Pawnee for a bigger city to raise the baby. Leslie becomes upset with Ann and takes it out on everyone else.

Soon she has all the counterparts in a room together and begins working on trying to replace everyone in the Parks department because she feels so hurt that Ann would leave Pawnee. Ron pulls her out of the room and straightens her out.

Meanwhile, Chris and Ben team up on an accounting project and realize what a great team they make. However, Chris's instincts to leave Pawnee are confirmed over a terribly unhealthy Pawnee salad and he breaks the news to Ben. Ben is happy for him and reacts in the way Ron tells Leslie she should have reacted.

In the end of the episode, the original Pawnee crew stays put at the Parks department with the exception of Evelyn, Ann's counterpart. Leslie finally tells Ann she's ready to talk about Ann moving.

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I'm sorry, is your name Jennifer?
Tyynifer. No, it's Tyynifer with two ys. It used to be Jennifer, but then I decided to re-brand myself. Oh wait, it's Xanax-o'clock.


Things are exactly the same as they were in 1817. Except women and minorities can vote, we have indoor toilets, they don't burn widows for learning arithmetic.