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In this episode, Leslie throws Ben an early '90s theme roller skating birthday party. Unfortunately, she finds out that Councilman Jamm is trying to pass a measure that won't allow anyone without a Pawnee issue driver's license to vote in the recall election. Leslie decides to filibuster the vote. She soon finds out she has all the support of former Eagletonians, but only because they want to vote her out of office and Ingrid DeForest into office. Leslie is successful in the filibuster, but may have ended her political career by standing up for the right to vote.

Tom has the goal of making lasting memories with his girlfriend who is leaving to go to Rwanda for Doctors Without Borders. He tries to win her a bear playing skeeball, but Ann buys it with cash because she has memories of the bear. Nadia and Tom make their own memory by stealing the bear back. And Nadia agrees to see Tom even after she gets back from Rwanda.

Andy surprised April by visiting for only 19 hours from England. He tells her his job is going really well, but as he's leaving her, he jumps out of his taxi and into a dumpster in order to avoid going back to England because he feels like he doesn't know what he's doing at his job. April clues him into her little secret: she fakes understanding her job until she does understand something. April tells Andy that everyone does this and that he will get it soon and be great at it. He leaves to go back to England feeling much more confident.

Ron and Donna play the video game "Deer Hunter" and Ron loses to Donna. Ron is angry at the loss and insists Donna come with him to hunt real deer. They then come back to play the video game where Ron gets first place and puts in the initials "ASS" to save his score.

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

The election is coming up. Jamm keeps trying to find new ways to screw me over. He tried to have me listed on the ballet as Leslie Buttface Hitler the IV.


I’m going to murder you a thousand times!