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Leslie does her best to keep busy during her recall election, but the night ends early when she is recalled by a landslide. Leslie spends half of the episode in a funk as Ann and Ben do their best to get her back on her feet. Before Ben and Leslie get tattoos, Ann comes in and brings Leslie back to reality. She's got 30 days left to work for Pawnee citizens and doesn't want waste her time. Additionally, the Parks department is throwing a Halloween party for the community.

Meanwhile, Tom recruits Ron to help save Rent-a-Swag when someone offers to buy out Rent-A-Swag for $40,000. Ron's Swanson Chair gets noticed by online fashionista Annabel Porte and Tom encourages Ron to go on Pawnee Today to see if he can help Tom's business.

Ron appears on the show and Annabel offers to mass produce his chairs. Ron is uninterested, but continues to try and get Annabel to notice Tom and his business. Unfortunately, her interest was more about Ron's chair. Tom decides to sell the business, but keep the name. When the lawyer tells him his client wants the name too, Tom negotiates more money for his business and five percent of the acquired business.

Chris does his best to cheer up April because she misses Andy during their favorite holiday: Halloween. He isn't successful, but April recognizes that he's trying and appreciates it. She even compliments Chris and Ann as a couple in her weakened emotional state.

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Ronnn. Can you put some more tiny marshmallows in my hot choccy?


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