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In this episode, Leslie is thrilled that Pawnee will have access to Eagleton's drinking water that contains fluoride. Unfortunately, the citizens of Pawnee aren't interested in hearing about how good that would be for everyone. Jamm does his best to go against everything Leslie does, especially because he's a dentist and he earns money on people's cavities.

Leslie enlists Tom to help her get everyone in Pawnee interested in fluoride. He suggests a rebranding and TDazzle is born. Jamm counters by enlisting Sweetums and creating something called "Drink-ems" which contains all sugar to put in the drinking water. When Leslie rails against Sweetums, she ends up getting Ben fired. She goes to the president of the company who tells her that the only way to get Ben's job back is to make a public apology in a lime green suit. When Ben tells her he doesn't want his job back, Leslie and Tom work together and create H2Flow and get the Pawneeans back on the side of fluoride.  

Meanwhile, Chris and Ron bond over impending fatherhood while building cribs together. Ron ends up giving Chris the crib he made and gives him some sage advice about fatherhood. He tells Chris that if his neuroses is any indication of how much he cares, he must care deeply.

Donna and April bond over picking spirit animals. When April assigns a poodle to Donna, Donna is offended, but only because it shows April doesn't really know her. April works her fastest to figure Donna out and the two bond over figuring the other out.

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Remember when last year no one got flu shots because there was a rumor they’d turn you European?


This morning I saw a youtube video with a puppy riding a motorcycle. So my bar my bar for stunning is pretty high.